Yoshi Spina

Back in 2006 a small, silver and white, domestic short haired ball of fluff came into our clinic for the first time for nasal discharge after being purchased from the pet shop.  This was to be Yoshi Spina.

In October Yoshi presented with lethargy, was off his food and had a high temperature.  The Spina family noticed he wasn’t keen to lay on his back, was inactive and his skin was jaundiced.  Read more……



Puss Kelly

Puss Kelly is one of the most treasured felines that we see.  His devoted mother, Irene is attentive to all of the needs of this 7.5kg white and black domestic cat.

Puss was your everyday family cat that occasionally had a cat fight abscess and was also on Hills C/D food for a common male urinary condition.

Back in October 2006 Puss came in for a consultation as he was collapsing in the hind legs and was grumpy when palpated around the abdominal area.  Read more…..

Honey Chapman

Honey is a 12 year old Shih Tzu cross whose owner Helen brought her to our clinic because of increased appetite, thirst and frequent shaking and rubbing of ears.  On close examination, we noticed that Honey also appeared pot bellied with hair thinning around both flanks.  This was highly suggestive of a condition called Cushing’s Disease, also known as hyperadrenocorticism.  After a series of special blood tests, we were able to confirm Honey’s diagnosis.  Read more……

Mixie Mancev

When Mixie Mancev, the moggy was brought in to see us she was in quite a bad way.  The poor darling had been missing for 6 weeks, assumed locked in a building site and had returned home much worse for wear.  Whilst we will never know what Mixie went through in those six weeks, we knew she needed a lot of love and care to get well again.  She presented as underweight, malnourished, dehydrated and hypothermic.

Even from the very first consult it was clear that Mixie was a very special cat.  Despite her ordeal, she never stopped purring.  Read more……


Charlie & Saffy Fennel

On Monday 28th May two tiny, red, curly balls of puppy came into our hospital for the first time.  These lucky little pups have certainly found a loving home where all their needs shall be met and more with Alan and Pat Fennell.  The Fennell’s had earlier lost their long-time friend Suki to old age and felt the time was right to take on a pup but they have now taken on double trouble.

Charlie and Saffy are brother and sister from the same litter of Cavoodles born on the 24th March 2012.  Read more……

Kranski & Kupus Keleher

In March, a new pup, Kranski was brought into Greensborough for his routine puppy visit of a vaccination, microchip and Sentinel for heartworm, flea and intestinal worm control.  Kranski is a standard male Dachshund, black and tan in colour weighing 2.8kg at 11 weeks of age.  He was a great bundle of fun for the Keleher’s who had forgotton what puppyhood involved.  Something was missing though and they felt like they needed a mate for Kransky.  Read more……

.Max, Reed & Rossi

Max Contarino is 11 years old and the owner of two Bearded Dragons.  Max is a keen motorbike rider so he named his pets accordingly, Reed after Chad Reed and Rossi after Valentino Rossi the motor bike champions.  His lizards are housed in large fish tanks with lids.  This allows for the temperature to stay constant with UVB and infrared lamps and also makes cleaning, feeding and maintenance easy.

Max knows when something may be wrong as he notices their colour change slightly.  Read more…..

Archie O’Neill

When you hear the words “Black Russian”, are you thinking of the drink or the large Black Russian Terrier?  Archie O’Neill came into the Rosanna Veterinary Clinic for his yearly vaccination with his proud owner Josh.  Being named a terrier you would expect a small framed, athletic dog but Archie is a Black Russian Terrier.  We had never seen a Black Russian in the clinic before so we were amazed by his size and lovable nature.

Black Russian Terriers originally served as military/working dogs in the former Soviet Union.  Read more…..

Haylee the Wombat

In our community it is good to know there are still caring, nurturing people who are genuinely interested in the rehabilitation and release of wildlife.  We are lucky in our clinic to deal with Wildlife Care Network couple, Sue & Frank.

Wildlife Victoria is a non-profit, volunteer organisation who Sue & Frank work with, that cares for voiceless animals and is committed to reducing suffering by providing as many animals as possible with another chance at life by rescuing and rehabilitating injured and orphaned wildlife.  Read more…..

Asha the Leonberger

Asha belongs to the De Run family of Bundoora and is a huge bundle of energy and with two young boys in the family, the three of them never seem to run out of steam.

Dr Rachel McCue has been seeing Asha at Greensborough for her puppy vaccinations and recently speyed her.


This was no light or small job.  Read more….

Axel Prusa

It was New Year’s Eve in Watsonia and Axel Prusa was on his veranda, in his enclosure, wanting to come inside.  His normal habit is to walk on top of the mesh external door and let the family know it’s time to come inside.  All of a sudden the fireworks went off, to see in the New Year.  A startled Axel fell from the top of the door.  The family then found Axel laying on the veranda unable to walk.  Axel is a 12 year old, short haired tabby.




Ruby & Emily Luff

Here at NSVH we see many puppies and kittens but there are times when staff feel an attraction to some animals they see, for no particular reason.  At the end of May this happened during a routine vaccination.

Glenn and Emily Luff brought their families 12 week old Retriever, Ruby in for her puppy vaccinations.  The first thing you notice about Ruby is how big she was for a pup.  At 3 months of age she weighed in at 9kg.  Read more…..

Tarah Stewart

“Tarah” the 10 1/2 year old female, Staffordshire Bull Terrier would be forgiven for not wanting to come through the doors at our Greensborough Vet Clinic these days.

Tarah, has been a happy, healthy patient at our practice her whole life, but unfortunately for her, her visits have been all too often over the past 18 months.

Since May 2013 Tarah has required six different anaesthetic procedures……………Read more………….

Ray, Jake & Reily Everest

For many years we have been seeing Ray Everest at our Greensborough Hospital with his assorted family pets, but Curly Coated Retrievers would by far be his favourite breed.  He now owns his fourth, but Ray seems to have become softer, as these latest Retrievers are more like his pets and mates compared to the working dogs that he has had in the past.

Jake, the Curly Coat is now a 4 year old that originally came from a farm.  When Ray collected him……….Read more…..

Magdalene & Linda Zanon

A routine appointment was made for two family dogs one evening and it turns out they are international travellers.

Magdalene is a 4 year old Dogue de Bordeaux and Linda is an 8 year old Cocker Spaniel belonging to Silvia and Alberto who were originally from Verona, Italy.

The Zanon’s decided to immigrate to Australia early in 2014 and it took over 6 months of preparation to have their dogs ready to travel by the end of October.

Strict Australian quarantine regulations need to be adhered to for the protection and safety of all of our animals before international animals are allowed access.  Initially the dogs needed to start their course of vaccines required Australian entry, meet the stringent intestinal worming protocol and have blood profiles taken to screen them.  Once the time requirements had lapsed and the paperwork was completed  the dogs were ready to start their trip.

They were transported from their home in Verona to Milan where they boarded an Emirates flight to Dubai.  In Dubai they were offloaded overnight under strict Veterinary observation.  Dubai airport has an animal care area where animals are kept in customs but can be fed, watered and exercised while in transit.  The Zanon’s were not allowed access to their girls but they seemed to be well looked after and were able to be released from their transport crates until they reboarded their flight.  From here they boarded their flight to Melbourne.