Practice Owner: Dr Michael K Doyle

Dr Doyle is one of the senior partners of the Northern Suburbs Veterinary Hospitals and has been practicing at the Greensborough Veterinary Hospital since 1991.

Dr Michael graduated with Honours from the University of Melbourne in 1982. Since then he has gained further qualifications in small animal surgery with the Australian College of Veterinary Surgeons; a Masters in Veterinary Studies in Small Animal Medicine and Surgery in 2005; and become a Penn Hip Certified Radiologist in 2006. He also is a senior Fellow and Academic Associate with the University of Melbourne, Veterinary Faculty.

Michael’s interest outside of work include, travelling, dining, cycling, movies, renovating houses and cooking, as well as being a passionate Carlton supporter.

 Practice Owner: Dr Rachel Mc Cue

Rachel McCue began visiting us as a science student before transferring into Veterinary Science and graduating with Honours from Melbourne University in 1998.  Rachel then began practicing with us immediately upon graduating on 7/12/1998.  We were not to know then that she was to eventually become a partner.

In December 2003 Rachel resigned and travelled with her husband around Europe basing themselves in England. Rachel did locums in the area gaining great experiences and learning more about pocket pets and the options in treating different cases. In England many clients have pet insurance making treatment a lot easier financially. In December 2004 we received a phone call and Rachel returned to our practice as at the time we had a vacancy for an experienced surgeon.  Between 2006 and 2009 Rachel worked part time due to the arrival of her children Will and Hanna.

On 1/7/2010 Dr.Rachel McCue became a partner at Northern Suburbs Veterinary Hospitals. She has been a calming influence amongst “the blokes” and has a large following of clients due to her great repore with people and her vast knowledge.

If there is ever any spare time Rachel follows the mighty pies with gusto and she is up to date with  most sporting events.  She enjoys getting to the beach with the family and most types of activities from swimming to cycling.  At home Maisy the Jack Russell is the family pet which Rachel actually vaccinated in a consult and made enquiries as to whether the pups were looking for homes.  How lucky was Maisy!  Dr.McCue consults at Greensborough four days per week and every third weekend.


Dr Srdan Savic

In January Srdan decided after being with our practice for 5 years since emigrating, it was time to experience his professional life in a new practice. This meant saying good bye to the friends he had made with staff and clients during his time with us.  After a short period Srdan realized the quality of service he was able to offer through Greensborough with our facility, equipment and support was something that he missed.  By early March Srdan had returned to once again become part of our permanent team. 

In 2008 we were looking to employ a new associate veterinarian.  At this time there were not many suitable candidates available, so through the Australian Veterinary Association we advertised internationally.  This is where Srdan became aware of our practice and applied for a position.  It is quite daunting to interview an international future employee on the phone and offer the position to someone sight unseen.  With his knowledge and experience we were hopeful he may fit into our team. As evidence shows this has been successful. 

Srdan originally joined our staff at Easter in 2008 after emigrating from Croatia to Melbourne. He graduated from the University of Zagreb in Croatia in 2000 before working in Zagreb for 7 years.  During this time he did military service working as a military veterinarian responsible for the care and treatment of 90 military dogs.  In 2005 Srdan spent 3 months in Australia with various practices to gauge his interest and decided he wanted to immigrate. In December 2006 he passed the Australian National Veterinary Examination allowing him to practice in Australia. This is when he began planning his move.

In his spare time Srdan enjoys computers and cooking. His favourite past time is searching markets for the correct ingredients for his specialty of fish dishes. He also has a soft spot for Blue Heelers due to his connection back home.  He is guaranteed to give each one a kiss on the lips!

So for those clients who were regulars of Dr.Savic’s he is now available at Greensborough again on a full time basis.


Dr Loriana Cassarino


Dr.Loriana Cassarino came to us in February 2015 as the first class to graduate Melbourne University with the title of “Doctor of Veterinary Medicine’ where as it was called “Bachelor of Veterinary Science” prior to this.

“Lori” as we call her, grew up in East Doncaster where she went to school and also worked at the local Coles supermarket while she was studying. Lori comes from a family of 3 brothers with one of them being her twin.  She says there are very little comparisons between herself and her twin brother.

Her home is shared by a Cavalier X and a medium haired domestic cat who seem to co-habitate well together.

In her spare time Lori enjoys most types of sport. She takes to the netball court a few times a week, when her roster allows, being a member of the Deep Creek Netball Club and when we initially contacted her for an interview, she was actually on the tennis court. At Uni she was a keen member of the Kendall Hall netball, softball and football teams. Unfortunately she is an avid Carlton supporter.

Whilst studying, Lori did a variety of placements in different clinics. She did a lot of mixed practice and large animal work mainly on dairy properties and also with wildlife at a research project.  In her spare time she volunteered at the RSPCA Veterinary Clinic and worked on the Regent Honey Glider project.

Lori has settled in quickly to her new graduate role at Greensborough. She stood out in the interview process by being a genuine, down to earth person who was easy to communicate with.  She is always smiling and looking for something else to do in the down time and has accepted our quirky sense of humour quite well.  Hopefully Lori will have a long, professional career at Northern Suburbs and is keen to meet new clients. She is available on a full time basis.


Dr Courtney Baker

Courtney Baker comes to us as a mid-year 2016 graduate from Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga.

Courtney grew up in NSW going to school in Toronto while living in Kilaben Bay a few kilometres away in the Hunter region.

She moved to Wagga in 2011 to begin her Bachelor of Veterinary Science.  During that time Courtney did placements in Wagga, Canberra, in Sugarloaf at an Avian practice, Warrnambool in dairy and a Melbourne specialist centre amongst others to decide where her passion was.

Courtney is meticulous with the animals she treats and looks after them as they were her own and the animals respond to her as they can feel that compassion in her nature.


Dr Scott Roberts


After many years of study, Scott Roberts, a local, graduated from Melbourne University in 2016 as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.  The title of DVM has been introduced superseding the BVSc title.  Upon graduation, Scott began with us here at Greensborough in December 2016.

During his clinical placements, Scott experienced a wide variety in types of practices.  He spent time at Ao Chalong Animal Hospital in Phuket where he earnt a a scholarship to participate.  The language barrier with Thai Vets and clients was challenging, but the experience to treat animals without the modern facilities and equipment was a great learning curve.

He is a great communicator and generally “a nice fella”.


Dr Annie Tao

An enthusiastic, new graduate with a passion for animal welfare that is growing professionally within a team.  That is how we would describe Dr Annie Tao who graduated from the University of Sydney in 2016.

Annie grew up in Sydney and attended Hurlstone Agricultural High School which may have pre-empted her to be guided towards Veterinary Science.

Hurlstone is the oldest Government Boarding school still in operation and it promotes a career path for those interested in agricultural learning including horticulture, environment and Veterinary Science.

With extended family located in Melbourne, Annie did many student placements in Melbourne clinics as well as volunteering at the RSPCA doing health checks and working on their vaccination drive.  Through these experiences she has gained practical exposure to a wide variety of cases and has strived to learn.

Annie is a delight to have in our team.  She is organised, has good time management and is always cheery.  She is positive, always smiling and striving to excel and learn more.  Animals appreciate her caring, easy going and soft nature.


Dr Marlen Waterworth

We welcome Marlen Waterworth as a new member of our team.  Marlen graduated from Melbourne Uni in 2016 making the Dean’s honour list and also received the Golden Key International honour which is given to graduate students recognized to be among the top 15% of their class.

Marlen grew up in East Central Germany in the city of Plauen which is on the border of Bavaria and the Czech Republic.  After finishing secondary school in Germany, like many students, Marlen travelled.  It was on a trip to Scotland that she met her husband to be, Ben, who came from Bendigo.

After relocating to Melbourne, Marlen studied Veterinary Biosciences at La Trobe and then went onto Veterinary Medicine at Melbourne University.  So after 7 years of tertiary education, Maz, as she is known to us, finally entered the full time workforce in her chosen field.

Maz has a great sense of humour and is so passionate in everything she does.  She is excited about being a part of our team.