Otto Muller

Otto is a 9-year-old Spoodle belonging to the Muller family of Greensborough.  He was presented at Greensborough for a routine examination. Kellie, the owner had noticed a lump on his throat area which had been present for quite some time.  Upon closer examination, it was a hard and raised to the left side of the neck.  Originally, we suspected that a thyroid gland was affected. 

The thyroid gland is responsible for a variety of bodily functions, most notably the coordination of hormones and normal metabolism.  The owner was happy to investigate further, so we took a fine needle aspirate.  This involved removing some fluid from the mass with a syringe and sending to the laboratory for examination.  The results diagnosed thyroid carcinoma, which can be malignant and is characterised by its ability to spread quickly throughout the body, the lungs and lymph nodes.

Luckily, on X/ray, Otto’s lungs looked clear and his lymph nodes were not enlarged.  With these good results a partial thyroidectomy was performed.  This means removing one of the thyroid glands.  This type of surgery can be difficult as around the glands there are many nerves, blood vessels and muscles as well as the trachea(windpipe).  The surgery was successful and the carcinoma removed.  Otto still has one healthy thyroid gland that is functioning, but at this early stage we shall still need to run labs on a regular basis to monitor any changes.  Otto was a great patient but credit must go to his family for being so dedicated and great carers.