Practice Manager: Nicole Green


Way back in June 1989 a young local girl started working part time at our Rosanna Veterinary Clinic. This is when Nicole Green’s Veterinary Nursing career began.  It wasn’t too long and Nicole started doing hours at Greensborough as well as Rosanna which extended her knowledge within our hospital and she soon completed her Diploma in Veterinary Nursing at the Box Hill TAFE.

After many years of nursing and having a solid background within the practice Nicole took on the responsibilities of Practice Manager.  This involves more of an administration role dealing with the daily running of the practice, dealing with creditors, maintaining our computer system, website and other hospital equipment.  She deals with promotions, co-ordinates staff presentations and any other general things that need to be attended to but most importantly Nicole is the pay lady.

Outside of our practice Nicole’s major interest is in breeding and showing Alaskan Malamutes.   All of the pups get TLC this shows in their temperament as they mature.  Nicole also enjoys the working nature of the breed. The working side of the Alaskan Malamute is apparent when the dogs get so excited with the more activity they have.

At home Nicole has two “special” dogs that get to live inside but they are forever bossed around by the three cats that share the same living space.  It is still amazing how the 5kg cat can have control of the large Malamute!

Practice Manager: Mandy Carter

Mandy has held the reigns as joint Practice Manager at the Northern Suburbs Veterinary Hospitals for some time.  She achieved her Certificate of Veterinary Nursing pre 1989, had time off to begin a family and then worked her way up to her current position. Her role involves administration, staff rosters, food promotions, some veterinary nursing when staff are away and the general cracking of the whip.

Mandy shares her home with her family and fur kids “Josh” the well fed Labrador and “Lacey” the laid back Dogue de Bordeaux.  Plus numerous cows known as “the girls”.

Away from work Mandy finds time for tennis and waterskiing as well as running a busy family schedule running her children to many sporting activities.


Receptionist: Tricia Equid

Our Receptionist is one of the first faces you will meet or speak to when you visit the Greensborough Veterinary Hospital. Tricia has been part of our team at Greensborough since 2005 after spending many years in office administration.

Her experience is allowing her to excel in her meet and greet role as she deals with many clients with varying needs from cuddly puppies to aged euthanasia’s. Tricia can deal with this with compassion and tries to make families feel at ease.

Tricia genuinely enjoys what she does and this is evident by the regular clients that come in particularly when Tricia is working.  She remembers individuals by first names, their animals and the treatments they are having.   This only happens when you care and are interested in the animal’s welfare and the feelings of the families.

Tricia has great knowledge on heartworm/flea prevention for individual needs and is a Pet Health Counsellor for Royal Canin having recently completed the course on professional diet foods. She can advise you which products may suit your needs and also draw from her personal experiences of using products and diet foods on her own animals at home.

During her spare time she enjoys traveling with her group of friends to anywhere she is invited as along with this travel goes much socializing.

Tricia is available on reception at Greensborough Monday Tuesday and Wednesdays and is always happy to have a chat.

Marty Wichtmann

Martin joined the Greensborough Veterinary Hospital in June 2006 with a Certificate 3 in Animal Technology. By 2008 Marty had completed his certificate 4 in Veterinary Nursing excelling in his subjects and becoming a major asset to our hospital.

Marty is not often seen by our clients as he specialises in Pathology, Radiology and Anaesthetics. He is responsible for the efficient running of these areas within our hospital. He also deals with the recovery of the majority of our surgical cases and excels in what he does.

Outside of work Marty enjoys photography and filming and has a large social network of friends. At home they recently had additions to their family with their Chihuahua litter from Jacinta and Hoinke.

Marty’s experience and the way he applies himself to provide the highest standard of care to our patients is outstanding. He is very reliable and it is unheard of for him to have a sick day.  Clients can request Marty as their Nurse for their animal when making a surgery appointment. He is available full time at the Greensborough Veterinary Hospital.

Julie Kruger

We have a dedicated, experienced nurse/receptionist within our team that has actually been employed by us four times.  In 1998, in our old building, Julie Kruger came to us with an administration background looking for new experiences.  Well she has certainly had that within our practice between seeing many staff changes to the way that Veterinary procedures have changed over her time within the industry.

Julie initially had 5 years with us where she became an integral part of our team.  She has always been reliable and a “do-er”.  On a busy, hectic day it is always good to know that Julie is on the roster to carry some of that pressure.  In 2003 Julie went on maternity leave for the birth of her daughter Carly and then returned part time.  Since then Julie and her husband Nathan have travelled Australia extensively and relocated for a short time as well as seeing the birth of their son Ryan.  This has meant Julie has actually resigned 3 times.  Now when she walks into the office with an envelope and a grin we hold our breath. It is a credit to Julie that we keep re-employing her as the confidence and appreciation we have for her ability and work ethic is outstanding.  Everyone likes to request a shift with Julie.

At home Julie is busy with the family duties of Carly & Ryan.  Julie now does mainly reception duties but is an allrounder who is just as capable in surgery carrying out nursing responsibilities or monitoring hospitalised and recovering animals.

 Receptionist: Tracey Collins

One of the first faces you meet upon entering the Greensborough Veterinary Hospital is Tracey Collins our Receptionist.

Tracey joined our team in August 2010. She came to us with a wealth of experience in office and reception management. We put this to the test during our busy periods and found that Tracey has the ability to ensure our waiting area is running smoothly by ensuring consultations are running on time, answering phone calls and keeping all staff up to date with client communications.

Through staff training Tracey has a sound knowledge on heartworm and flea prevention along with dietary/food advice. Tracey is responsible for the maintenance of our Professional food range and keeping up to date with the availability of prescription diets.

In her own time Tracey is pampering the new members of the family her two Staffordshire’s Bam Bam and Roxy who she recently had desexed. The girls are making life playful for Pippin the Bengal and Bronte all sharing her time. Outside of home, when not looking after the two and four legged family members, Tracey enjoys going to the cinema to keep up with the latest action movies and occasionally going for a weekend drive.

Tracey is available most weekdays and Saturdays for help or advice with food, merchandising and preventative products.

Kirstie Iselin

Kirstie Iselin began at the Northern Suburbs Veterinary Hospital, Greensborough in February 2012.  She has gained 5 years experience in general and surgical veterinary nursing at the Springfield Veterinary clinic in Queensland.

This clinic also had an aquarium attached to it, so Kirstie had great exposure to the world of fish where she maintained the aquarium systems.  This allowed her to pursue her passion of tropical and cold water fish as well as creating a natural and suitable habitat by using aquatic plants within their aquariums.

Kirstie’s career began as a school based apprenticeship one day per week at her local clinic.  They obviously appreciated Kirstie’s steady, calming influence on those around her as before long she was offered a permanent position and it was here her passion began. Kirstie started her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing at the Brisbane North TAFE.  In 2015 Kirstie  completed her Certificate IV in Melbourne and is a fully qualified veterinary nurse.

After 5 years nursing Kirstie decided to move to Melbourne.  She has suffered some separation anxiety having to leave her pets behind in the family home, although she does make regular visits back to visit them.  In Melbourne she now has new “children” in the form of Raffee the Newfoundland who is at the young age of being uncoordinated and not understanding why he doesn’t fit into small spaces.  This has kept Emmy the Border Collie very busy trying to cope with a new pup in the house.

Kirstie is fitting in well within our practice.  Her old clinic is missing her so much they have now employed Kirstie’s mum to fill the void.

Kirstie is available at Greensborough weekdays and some weekends for any advice or enquiries.


Aimee Steinkrug

In July we had our second hairdresser join our team.  After qualifying as a hairdresser Aimee decided to follow her lifelong passion of caring and working with animals and began looking for a trainee veterinary nursing position.

Through hairdressing Aimee has gained great skills in client communication with people thinking their hairdresser is their therapist.  This is quite handy in clinic as getting to know hospitalised cases before they are admitted makes their stay more comfortable.  Clients open up about their animal’s personality or diet etc.  and we then have a better understanding of their needs before they stay with us.  Aimee has picked up our protocols quite quickly and is now a team player.

At home Aimee has a Cane Corso, Diesel, which we recently desexed.  This is not a common breed of dog as they tend to need space being a large Italian breed that were originally bred as guardians and hunters, although Diesel is all about fun.  He shares the space at home with Dior and Hugo the long haired cats.

In 2015 Aimee is enrolling to do the Veterinary Nursing course which will only increase her knowledge and have her interact with other nurses in the industry.  Aimee is a breath of fresh air in our practice and we are now sharing her with our Rosanna clinic.  With her great client skills she will fit in at Rosanna with the regular clientele and will be a great asset.

Renee Gork

An experienced, personable Veterinary Nurse.  Easy to find you might say but they are in short supply.  In November we received a resume from a local girl with 7 years clinic experience looking to extend herself in a new role.

An experienced Veterinary Nurse brings with them surgical skills involving monitoring anaesthetics, equipment knowledge, terminology, invaluable aftercare monitoring and a product/pharmacy background along with reception and client communication skills. Experience makes transitioning for a new nurse and existing staff so much easier therefore providing our expected high standard of nursing immediately.

Renee has brought all of this to us and has taken some pressure off our more experienced nurses.   She is a great communicator, confident and a fresh face to have within our hospital.

At home, Renee has a lot to care for.  She has 3 cats that don’t all get along.  The Ragdoll tends to be the outsider, but at this stage none of them have had any cat bite wounds from fighting.  The backyard is full of hyperactive craziness with 3 dogs as well.  There are 2 Border Collies and now an adopted Rottweiler crossed Bull Mastiff.  With these robust dogs the cats are still in full control.  The dogs don’t touch their meals until the cats have been catered for.  A perfect feline world of bossiness and winning the “war” of dominance.

Once all the caring and cleaning is done at home, Renee still finds time to go snowboarding which she says she loves but is not great at yet and then in Summer likes time at the beach.

Renee is available for dietary or prevention advice regarding products at Greensborough on a regular basis.


Groomer: Jacquie O’Riley

We would like everyone to meet our new groomer Jacquie.  Jacquie comes with the approval of Amanda, our retiring groomer, who spent many days overseeing that Jacquie would look after her clients to a similar standard of care.

Jacquie is a hands on animal owner and carer.  She has a family background of showing and breeding Samoyeds and Australian Shepherds, with another litter due shortly.  Jacquie has travelled extensively showing dogs in China, Singapore and England.  She then finds time to ride horses and has recently been selected to join the Australian Youth Development Squad for Dressage and Jumping.

Jacquie’s grooming knowledge started at home in preparing dogs and horses for the show ring.  At a very early age she began professional grooming at the family business grooming salon.  Clipping, feathering and stripping many different breeds.

Jacquie is an outgoing person who always has time for a chat, she is gentle with the animals and they find her comforting in the way she speaks to and handles them.  She is enjoying interacting with our clients and giving advice on coat maintenance.  Jacquie is available at Greensborough four days per week and is also available for early drop off.


Groomer: Amanda Reynolds

Amanda is our bubbly groomer you meet when dropping off your animal for a day of pampering.  Amanda began at Greensborough in 2008 after extensive experience in the industry.

As an interest Amanda began a short course at Box Hill TAFE in 2004 on Basic Dog Grooming. She enjoyed this so much that in 2005 she completed a Certificate 4 in Companion Animal Services.  This was a full time course and the first and only time it has been offered in Australia.  This makes Amanda one of 12 people in the country to  have this qualification in dog grooming.

After completing this course Amanda began at an inner city poodle parlour gaining experience in many different breeds.   The following year she began working in two Veterinary Clinics.  It was in 2008 that we advertised for a groomer and Amanda was available.

Amanda has groomed most breeds including Schnauzers, Bernese Mountain dogs, Maltese terriers and the newer breeds of Cavoodles, Groodles, Labradoodles etc.  Her most exotic breed is a “Parti Poodle” or a “Lagotto”.

In the small amount of spare time that Amanda has she enjoys listening to local bands and socialising with the girls.  Her home is shared with Alvin the Pug and Katie the Shih Tzu who are treated like royalty but are forced to share their space with the feline variety.


Amanda Grivell


In February, Amanda Grivell started with us, as a qualified, experienced Veterinary Nurse in a casual role.  Her young boys are becoming a little more independent and she felt it was time to get back to what she knows and loves.

In 2002 Amanda graduated as a Veterinary Nurse through the Box Hill campus.  At this time she was with the Prahran Veterinary Clinic where she eventually become the head nurse.  After moving home, the travel to Prahran became time consuming and Amanda then accepted a position at Altona Veterinary Clinic.  This has given her great variety in protocols and the way different clinics operate.

Amanda comes to us as a burst of energy who is bubbly and loves a bantering conversation with a good laugh.


Julia Watts

The smile is infectious.  That’s our nurse, Julia who began with us in April 2016 as a first year Veterinary Nursing student.  Prior to this Julia had held a position in a private practice in Melbourne where she obtained her Certificate in Companion Animal Services. She is now a fresh graduate from the Australian College of Applied Animal Studies as a Certified Veterinary Nurse.

Julia is a motivated, enthusiastic, caring nurse.  Every time she begins a shift she comes in with that welcoming smile and says good morning to all and takes the time to show an interest in her work mates. Her patients respond to this caring nature by being soothed and comfortable with her.  This calmness is reflected by her yet to have a nasty bite or incident with a patient.

Outside of our clinic, Julia enjoys equestrian work. She is an instructor at the Melbourne Indoor Equestrian Centre, helping children understand the care and management of horses as well as taking groups on trail rides.

Julia has just taken up playing soccer.  While she has come in with many injuries and the training seems to be onerous, she has taken that much of an interest that she has named her new fur babies after soccer players.  The new members of the Watt’s family are domestic tabby’s that are named Besart & Jonjo after the Albanian and English soccer stars.  This pair of kittens are inseparable now and enjoying a nurturing Mum who is doting on them.

Julia works between our Greensborough and Rosanna Clinics and is also our Puppy School co-ordinator. She is on puppy school duty at Greensborough on Wednesday evenings having playtime with all those adorable pups and then seeing them through to graduation.

Julia is a great addition to our team with that spark that she brings, but is also becoming a respected, experienced Veterinary nurse.

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