Nurse: Julia Watts

The smile is infectious. That’s our nurse, Julia who began with us in April 2016 as a first year Veterinary Nursing student. Prior to this Julia had held a position in a private practice in Melbourne where she obtained her Certificate in Companion Animal Services.

She is now a fresh graduate from the Australian College of Applied Animal Studies as a Certified Veterinary Nurse.

Julia is a motivated, enthusiastic, caring nurse. Every time she begins a shift she comes in with that welcoming smile and says good morning to all and takes the time to show an interest in her work mates. Her patients respond to this caring nature by being soothed and comfortable with her. This calmness is reflected by her yet to have a nasty bite or incident with a patient.

Julia has just taken up playing soccer. While she has come in with many injuries and the training seems to be onerous, she has taken that much of an interest that she has named her new fur babies after soccer players. The new members of the Watt’s family are domestic tabby’s that are named Besart & Jonjo after the Albanian and English soccer stars. This pair of kittens are inseparable now and enjoying a nurturing Mum who is doting on them.

Julia works between our Greensborough and Rosanna Clinics and is also our Puppy School co-ordinator. She is on puppy school duty at Greensborough on Wednesday evenings having playtime with all those adorable pups and then seeing them through to graduation.

Julia is a great addition to our team with that spark that she brings, but is also becoming a respected, experienced Veterinary nurse.