Nurse: Tessa Norrish

Tessa Norrish comes to Greensborough with an extensive and varied animal background.

Like a few of our nurses, Tessa had an interest in horses from a young age.  This was through the Panton Hill riding centre where she began as an 8-year-old and eventually, as a teenager, became a stable-hand for 3 years. During this period, she also worked at Cottage Kennels dog boarding, who we still do work for.  This then led her to the RSPCA welfare facility at Epping, giving her an insight into the Veterinary side of animals as well as adoption. 

After serving this varied animal apprenticeship Tessa began working as a Veterinary Nurse in a local clinic.  This was when she began her Certificate in Animal Studies, specialising in Veterinary Nursing. 

Tessa began working with us here at Greensborough, in February 2020.  She comes to us as a patient, thoughtful person who takes the time to listen to co-workers and clients and take a genuine interest in others. She is passionate about the animal care she gives our hospitalised patients and eager to further her knowledge, so that she can provide a gold standard of care.  She has very quickly bonded with our team by earning their respect, with her diligent work ethic and generally being a lovely person to be around.

Tess is enjoying her role that much, that she is about to become a local and move within a few minutes of the clinic. 

Tess is at Greensborough on a regular basis and is happy to help clients and their pets with any enquiries.