Nurse: Kirstie Iselin

Kirstie Iselin began at the Northern Suburbs Veterinary Hospital, Greensborough in February 2012. She has gained 5 years experience in general and surgical veterinary nursing at the Springfield Veterinary clinic in Queensland.

This clinic also had an aquarium attached to it, so Kirstie had great exposure to the world of fish where she maintained the aquarium systems. This allowed her to pursue her passion of tropical and cold water fish as well as creating a natural and suitable habitat by using aquatic plants within their aquariums.

Kirstie’s career began as a school based apprenticeship one day per week at her local clinic. They obviously appreciated Kirstie’s steady, calming influence on those around her as before long she was offered a permanent position and it was here her passion began. Kirstie started her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing at the Brisbane North TAFE. In 2015 Kirstie completed her Certificate IV in Melbourne and is a fully qualified veterinary nurse.

After 5 years nursing Kirstie decided to move to Melbourne. She has suffered some separation anxiety having to leave her pets behind in the family home, although she does make regular visits back to visit them. In Melbourne she now has new “children” in the form of Raffee the Newfoundland who is at the young age of being uncoordinated and not understanding why he doesn’t fit into small spaces. This has kept Emmy the Border Collie very busy trying to cope with a new pup in the house.

Kirstie is fitting in well within our practice. Her old clinic is missing her so much they have now employed Kirstie’s mum to fill the void.

Kirstie is available at Greensborough weekdays and some weekends for any advice or enquiries.