Groomer: Jacquie O’Riley

Jacquie is currently on leave.

We would like everyone to meet our new groomer Jacquie. Jacquie comes with the approval of Amanda, our retiring groomer, who spent many days overseeing that Jacquie would look after her clients to a similar standard of care.

Jacquie is a hands on animal owner and carer. She has a family background of showing and breeding Samoyeds and Australian Shepherds. Jacquie has travelled extensively showing dogs in China, Singapore and England. She then finds time to ride horses and has recently been selected to join the Australian Youth Development Squad for Dressage and Jumping.

Jacquie’s grooming knowledge started at home in preparing dogs and horses for the show ring. At a very early age she began professional grooming at the families shop-front salon. Here she gained experience in many different breeds including clipping, feathering and stripping. Jacquie has the patience and expertise to put owners at ease. She is gentle with animals and they find her comforting in the way she speaks to and handles them.

Jacquie seems to be thoroughly enjoying her time with us and becoming part of our team. She is an outgoing person who always has time for a chat. You can see that she is infatuated by grooming and really enjoys what she does as she examines the animal’s previous hair-cut and makes helpful suggestions. She is also enjoying interacting with our clients and giving advice on coat maintenance. Jacquie is available at Greensborough three days per week and is also available for early drop off, if that suits her clients. It’s also time to think about those Summer and Christmas appointments as we always book out so far in advance.