Trainee Nurse: Kelly Kyretses

Kelly is currently on Maternity Leave.

We hear from many ladies that begin their nursing certificates but require hours in clinic to complete their qualifications.  This is how we met our nurse Kelly.  She was studying through the Australian College of Veterinary Nursing and came to us on placement. 

During this time Kelly was good to work with and a great communicator. With good fortune looking her way, we also had a nursing position available at the time.  Unaware to Kelly, we used her placement to gauge how she would fit into our team. 

Kelly has grown incredibly in her time with us.  She had the knowledge but is now able to use this in a practical way.  She is always happy to do any task asked of her with that constant smile and always aims to please.  Before coming to us, Kelly worked for a company that packed and provided medical equipment including instruments for surgical procedures. Her role was titled “Senior Kit Assembler” which gave her an insight into instruments which she is in contact with today.

  At home Kelly has a growing four-legged family made up of a pair of pusses, with Alfie the Collie X and the newest member Polly the Great Dane X.  Luckily Kelly is able to make the time to exercise everyone.  Kelly is soon due to graduate with her nursing certificate and is also growing in confidence with the more exposure she has within our hospital.  Kelly is a bright addition to our team even on Sunday mornings which can be difficult.