Nurse: Jaclyn Behan

Our Jackie. 

That’s what we call this rocket of energy.  Jaclyn Behan started with us in April in the role of part time veterinary nurse. She has proved herself to be an asset to our team and is now employed full-time.

Jackie completed her Certificate in Veterinary Nursing at Melbourne Polytechnic, where nurses are required to complete 22 subjects along with 280 hours of placement within clinics.  Jackie chose a variety of different clinics to ensure she had a range of diverse experiences - a Melbourne based practice, an outer-Melbourne metro and a clinic on the outskirts of Sydney.  This gave her a broad knowledge of the profession and taught her how to adapt to different settings and situations.

Jackie grew up on acreage, so animals and their welfare have been important to her from an early age. She has learnt to nurture and care for animals ranging from sheep and chickens, to cattle and horses.  At home, her animal family could best be described as geriatric in nature.  She has Beau and Sophie, 11 and 15 year old Maltese Terriers along with Diesel, the nine year old American Bulldog. 

Jackie is one of the most compassionate team members in our clinic. While nursing her patients, she makes the time to talk to them and cares for them like they are her own family.  The animals respond to this by trusting her which assist in their recovery.  They feel more at ease which leads to them eating better, being easier to medicate and generally feeling more comfortable in hospital.

Jackie has become a no fuss, excellent nurse with a cheerful and positive attitude. She has really added to the depth in our team.