Groomer: Davina Glatz

Every so often we have someone join our team that exudes personality.  This is our new groomer, Davina.  She walks into a room with positiveness and smiles which flows onto others.  Every morning she is bursting with energy.

Originally from Perth, Davina’s working life began as a hair stylist and it appears professionally, her life has now gone full circle.  After hairdressing for 8 years a change was needed, and she found herself in the Busselton Veterinary Hospital.  Here she held a Veterinary Nursing role, involved in the care and monitoring of patients along with anaesthetic, pathology and radiology duties.

After a few years of nursing, Davina then moved into the role of dog groomer.  She already had the scissor and clipper skills required due to her hairdressing, so she needed to hone her animal skills and learning how to restrain and clip dogs at the same time. 

The social scene in Melbourne then called Davina.  After some administration roles that she didn’t enjoy, it was time to return to an animal role that she was passionate about. Davina arrived at Greensborough as a “rural” groomer. This means in Perth most of her grooms were for full clips for easier care of animals in extreme heat and to avoid grass seeds etc.  Breed specific grooms were not required as people wanted the ‘short back & sides’ haircut to make the animal more comfortable.  We have now transformed her into our ‘city’ groomer.  This means she has spent time with Amanda, another of our groomers, and has refined her skills in clipping and stripping. 

Davina treats each animal as an individual and has conversations with all of her ‘clientele’(dogs).  She remembers each one from their previous visit and spends time to win their confidence.

At home, Davina shares her time with her two Staffordshire’s Buzz and Juno. They are both nearly 5 years old and great mates.  Occasionally they get to visit with us in clinic and are intrigued by all the new people. 

We are confident in recommending Davina for your grooming needs.  She began with us in September and is now gathering a large following of clients.  Please call reception to make a grooming appointment or to meet Davina.