Dr Kiara Simonis

Dr. Kiara Simonis graduated in 2018 from Melbourne University, with the title of “Doctor of Veterinary Medicine”, where in the past, graduates were recognised with a “Bachelor of Veterinary Science”.

Kiara grew up locally in Keilor Downs, this has allowed her to have great family support whilst studying at Melbourne University.

Normally students live on campus due to long clinic hours and for study support. Initially she completed a Bachelor of Science before transferring into Veterinary Science. 

 Whilst studying, Kiara managed a bird boarding facility in Coburg for companion animals.  She gained nine years’ experience there, which has sparked her interest in avian health, husbandry and behaviour.  The boarders included sanctuary birds with species varying from budgies to macaws.

While on student placement in specialist veterinary clinics, Kiara conducted behaviour consult with bird clients. They are aimed at educating owners on bird body language and positive reinforcement in the training of parrots.  Kiara’s interest also involves avian wildlife, which is handy with the injured birds we have presented in clinic on a regular basis.

Out of clinic Kiara enjoys hiking to enjoy the natural surrounds with some bird watching.  During the week she also enjoys going to the gym.  Kiara and her partner share their home with Tinkerbell, who happens to be a male, 15-year-old Cockatiel.  When they named him, she didn’t have all this bird experience.  She can now sex birds and will make a more informed name choice next time!

Kiara is great within our team.  She is organised, a great communicator and makes animals feel comfortable.  Kiara is always cheery and doesn’t let much get her down.  She is fast tracking to become a great Vet and we love how she is keen to take on all the bird consultations.

Kiara is available at Greensborough on a full-time basis.