Ricky Shawcross

Another day, another special patient.

Ricky is a 15-month old rat, weighing 300gm, belonging to Emma Shawcross.

Ricky and his other rodent family members are cherished by their owner.  Doing procedures on these pocket pets can be difficult due to the high anaesthetic risk and their skin type.  Rats skin is made up of multiple layers of collagen sheets containing elastic fibres.  It can tear easily, and wounds can breakdown if they are traumatised by animals licking the surgical site etc.

Ricky was not the most co-operative patient. During his first night at home he aggravated his sutures which made the incision site inflamed and raw.  To assess the surgical site Ricky was brought into Greensborough to be examined.

The answer was to put an Elizabethan collar on him.  It may be more familiar as a cone that is used on animals that are desexed, so that they cannot lick their sutures.  The only trouble being, that we don’t have E-collars that small.  So, a custom-made E-collar was made by our nurses to fit Ricky.  This was made from coloured bandage and decorated to show the love.  This turned out to be a great success and Ricky’s wound is well healed.

Again, devoted owners as Emma are to be given credit for providing a gold standard of care to their family members.