Hills Feline Prescription Pouches

We are all familiar with Hills Feline Prescription foods that support medical conditions through nutrition.  These foods are clinically tested to improve and lengthen the quality of the animal’s life.

Sometimes these dry foods can become repetitive and our feline friends especially, are looking for a tastier or more moist food. Recently, three of the most popular foods in the cat range have become available in a pouch.  This means a prescription food that consists of small chunks in gravy, while still giving the therapeutic support.

Along with the standard dry food and cans that have always been available in the range, pouches have arrived in Feline I/D which supports intestinal diet, C/D - supporting urinary disease and K/D for kidney disease/renal failure.

As always, all Hills foods come with a palatability guarantee and a loyalty program.  As an introduction for September we are offering bonus pouches with the purchase of the same type of dry food:

Purchase 1.5kg bags of I/D, C/D or K/D and receive 6 bonus pouches.

Purchase 2.85kg or larger bag of C/D or K/D and receive 12 bonus pouches.

While stocks last.