Hills Prescription Food & RSPCA Adoptables

Life is just more fun when your dog is healthy. That’s why it is important to give our pets the best nutrition-based diets available.

As our pets age or develop a medical condition, it is important to provide as much support as possible through diet, sometimes in conjunction with medication. This helps you recapture a normal, vibrant, hopefully extended- life together.

 Hills prescription diets can help with dog’s and cat’s weight control, mobility, kidney disease, digestive health, urinary conditions and skin and coat health.

The range is extensive and easy for owners to relate to.

It can help from dental diets (T/D) to joint/arthritis support (J/D) to Intestinal Bowel Disease (I/D).

During November, any Canine Prescription Diets that are purchased over $40 shall receive a free RSPCA Adoptable soft toy.

These are limited in stock so purchase early.

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