Just like humans, dogs require topical therapies to keep their skin healthy and clean. The frequency of washes will depend on the condition of your dog’s skin, their level of activity and their environment.

Dogs that live inside and close to their owners may need more regular washes.  Dogs with skin disease might need very regular, even daily skin therapy, whose frequency can be reduced as their skin heals.

Before shampooing your dog, examine their skin for any signs of dry skin, hair loss, redness or itchiness.  If there is any evidence of this, you may need to change the shampoo you are using. 

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With an ever-growing number of flea and tick prevention products on the market it is not surprising that pet owners are often a little confused.

The common questions we are asked regarding preventative products:

        -Which products treat which parasites?

        -Does a new product mean it is better?

        -Which flea prevention is the most effective?

        -Which is the safest?

Finding the right combination of products for full protection can be confusing.  We need to understand what we are trying to prevent before choosing the best product for the situation.

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One of the first faces you meet upon entering the Greensborough Veterinary Hospital is Tracey Collins, our receptionist.

Tracey joined our team in August 2010.  She came to us with a wealth of experience in office and reception management.  We put this ability to the test during our busy periods.  We find that Tracey has the skills to ensure our waiting area is running smoothly by ensuring consultations are on time, directing phone calls and keeping all staff up to date with client communications, all done politely with her quiet demeanour.  Through staff training Tracey has a sound knowledge on heartworm and flea prevention along with dietary/food advice. Tracey is responsible for the maintenance of our professional food range and keeping up to date with the availability of prescription diets. 

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We would like to introduce you to Ernie, who belongs to Jill Whincup, a long-time loyal client at Greensborough.

Ernie is a pedigree Keeshond who comes from a long line of top winning Keeshonden, not only from Australia but from around the world. From his first day in the show ring Ernie was destined to be a great success.  He showed the poise and charm, along with great genetics to stand out amongst his peers in the judging ring.

Ernie has a pedigree name that he must use to enter dog shows, Australian Grand Champion Hunkeedori Mister Party Man, but answers to Ernie on any day. His pedigree name and microchip distinguish Ernie form all other Keeshonds and dogs in general, around Australia and the world … it is his unique name, just like yours and mine.

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It is the season….Spring has arrived, the sun is out, there is fresh growth in our gardens and we all feel better for it.

Unfortunately, this brings along skin conditions due to pollens and allergens.

These skin irritations are referred to as “atopic dermatitis”.  Atopy is typically associated with heightened immune responses to common allergens and the skin then responds through inflammation known as dermatitis.

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