In clinic we form many friendships with our clients due to them visiting us regularly, whether it’s for grooming, an aging pet or for their animal’s general Veterinary care.

Melissa & Chris Hartley are obsessive “fur parents”.  We originally met Melissa with their first child, Harry.  We were all on the roller coaster ride with Melissa, when Harry began to age and required constant treatment.  Obsessive is an understatement when referring to the Hartley’s commitment to Harry and when it was time for him to go to the “rainbow bridge” at the age of almost 11, our hearts broke for Melissa.

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Deciding when is the right time to put our beloved pet’s “to sleep” is the most agonising decision we can make for them.  The decision needs to be made according to the “quality of life” the pet is experiencing.  There are many reasons this can be based upon:

  • medication can no longer effectively control pain management
  • pet has poor prognosis
  • they have decreased mobility

Sometimes the bond between owner and pet will tell you when the time is right.

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 Puppy school is a very important time in the life of your new baby and owners love to compare their fur-babies in class to see who is the high-achiever.

At the Greensborough Veterinary Hospital, puppy school is run on a Tuesday evening by Dr.Annie Tao and our nurse Bree Warren.

Puppy school is about educating the owner on their puppies needs including care, diet, changes as they mature and importantly socialising.

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 Based on how we are with our pets, most of us are already responsible pet owners. 

This seemed like a good opportunity to review our best pet parent practices and enhance and improve where the opportunity presents itself. Check out this list to make sure you are doing all you can do to be a responsible pet owner as well as have a great cooperative relationship with your pets, your family and the environment.

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Has your pet reacted negatively to a recent change in your routine at home? This could include renovations, moving, introduction of a new pet, arrival of a newborn, etc.

Does your pet increasingly chew, scratch or destroy things around the house? It can be because they are not coping with a new situation.

Do they vocalise i.e. bark, meow, whine, more than usual because something is bothering them?  

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