Congratulations to Claire McCarthy, the owner of Dougal the 17-month-old Poodle x, who is the winner of our Bayer-Advocate competition.

Claire purchased her Advocate-flea, heartworm & intestinal worming product at our Greensborough Hospital and has now won a Dyson vacuum valued at $599.

The Dyson V8 Animal Extra Cordless will be handy to pick up the dog and cat hair in the McCarthy home.

Claire was asked what she thinks her pet dreams about?

I am sure Dougal dreams about chasing his cat siblings.

Congratulations Claire.

 FRIDAY 1ST JANUARY – New Year’s Day

TUESDAY 26TH JANUARY – Australia Day

The Greensborough Veterinary Hospital shall be open for Urgent cases on the Public Holidays between 9am-11am.

Routine hours shall operate around these dates at the Greensborough Veterinary Hospital.

The Rosanna Veterinary Clinic shall be closed on Public Holidays.


For Emergencies outside of these hours we recommend:

Animal Accident and Emergency Centre

72 Hargrave Ave Essendon



 Our Practices will trade normally throughout the Christmas period apart from Public Holidays.

Public Holiday consultations shall operate through the Greensborough Veterinary Hospital. 

Trading hours as follows:

Thursday 24th December          Closing @ 6pm

Friday 25th December                Christmas Day - Closed

Saturday 26th December            Boxing Day -9am-11am (Urgent Cases)

Sunday 27th December               Routine Hours 10.30am-2pm

Monday 28th December               Public Holiday -9am-11am (Urgent Cases)

Tuesday 29th December              Routine Hours 7.30am-7.30pm

Thursday 31st December            Closing @ 6pm

Friday 1st January                        Public Holiday -9am-11am (Urgent Cases)

Outside of these days routine surgery hours apply 8am-7.30pm

Rosanna Veterinary Clinic shall close on Thursday 24th December and reopen on Tuesday 29th December.

In the case of an Emergency outside of the hours we recommend:

Animal Accident & Emergency Centre

72 Hargrave Ave Essendon – Phone 9379-0700

A Safe & Merry Christmas to Everyone.



Ho Ho Ho….It’s time for Santa to set-up those trees in our waiting room again.   The always popular Christmas Tree’s will be adorned with a range of toys and treats as a loyalty thank you for all our food users.

It’s easy -purchase your food, then choose a toy from our tree. The hard part is choosing the right gift when there is so much variety!  Then, place it on the tree at home, so that every family member has a gift on Christmas morning.

Our waiting room will begin the festive season on Wednesday 2ND December.   Simply purchase any professional formula food in a 1.5kg or larger bag.  We will, of course, be running separate dog and cat trees to avoid any toy confusion!

As always, you can also use your loyalty cards to earn and then redeem free food, with all brands sold at Greensborough & Rosanna Veterinary Clinics.

Thank you for your loyalty with your food purchases.



COVID-19 has seen a massive increase in the number of animals recently adopted.  This is an exciting and fun time for families.  Hopefully, everyone understands this is a life-time commitment. 

Many lost pets, including young pups and kittens are never returned to their owners because they do not have any form of identification.  Microchips are a way of permanently identifying your pet for life.

A microchip is a tiny electronic device about the size of a grain of rice that uses radio waves to transmit stored information when it is read by a scanner.  Microchips store a unique identification number and do not wear out.  They are made of a material that is compatible with body tissue, so rejection at the site is unheard of. 

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