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Dr Srdan Savic

Congratulations to Srdan on 10 years of service at Northern Suburbs Veterinary Hospitals.

Srdan originally joined our staff after emigrating from Croatia to Melbourne. He graduated from the University of Zagreb in Croatia in 2000 before working in Zagreb for 7 years. During this time he did military service working as a military veterinarian responsible for the care and treatment of 90 military dogs.

 In 2005, Srdan spent 3 months in Australia with various practices to gauge his interest and decided he wanted to immigrate. In December 2006 he passed the Australian National Veterinary Examination allowing him to practice in Australia. This is when he began planning his move.

In 2008, we were looking to appointment a Veterinary Surgeon but there was a lack of availability in Melbourne. We decided to advertise through the Australian Veterinary Association which has a world-wide audience. In a very short time we received an email from Srdan in Zagreb applying for the position. After a phone interview, we decided to take a risk on employing someone we hadn’t meet, who also had no other family or support in Melbourne.  Srdan arrived in Greensborough on 4/4/2008, Good Friday Eve, directly from the airport.  The rest is history.

In the 10 years Srdan has been with us, we have seen changes. His English is now impeccable and his sense of humour is more open.  In the early days he didn’t quite understand everything we would say, but laughed anyway.  Nowadays he cops much teasing but has comebacks to our ribbing.  Professionally Srdan has taken a major interest in dental procedures.  This encouraged us to purchase digital dental X/ray equipment, which has been incredible in diagnosing and treating patients.  

Dr.Savic is now a Senior Associate in our Hospital.  He mentors new graduates and uses his experience to guide less experienced Veterinarians.  How things could have been so much different, all due to the timing of an advertisement.

10 years is a great effort for any employee in today’s workplace.  Thank you Srdan for your efforts and for being so unique.