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Happy Mothers Day

 Happy Mother’s Day to all of you who have “children” that are a bit hairier than others and walk on four paws.

This is for the mothers who have sat up all night with sick dogs in their arms saying “It’s okay baby, Mummy’s here”. To the mums who do the walks in the rain and the mud when we are sick and exhausted but go anyway and worry about our own health and comfort after theirs.  How many of us show up at work with dog hair on our suits, unexpected scratches on their wrists and poo bags in their pockets?  Who goes to the special pet store to collect the proper nutritious treats, wholesome healthy food and safe, fun toys no matter if that takes 5 stops and many traffic lights?

To the mothers who, when they lost yet one more piece of clothing, shoe, phone or anything of value that was destroyed beyond salvation said “that’s ok, It’s my fault for leaving you alone for so long.” How many of us have promised a visit to the Vet wouldn’t include a needle only to find they did need one and then after the appointment, reward them with a treat out of guilt that you have deceived them. Congratulations to the mothers whose dog has gone missing and was returned home safely because you had the forethought to have a microchip implanted. 

What makes a good mother?  Is it patience?  Compassion?  Nurturing? Or is it the ever available treats?  Is it the ability to answer the door, hold back the dog and deal with a phone call all at the same time?  Is it the ache you feel when you walk out the door to your job every Monday through Friday knowing that 2 eyes are boring in your back?  The guilt, the anguish, heartbreaking sorrow, the dedication and the endearing love and commitment when you are with them in their final moments.  The emotions of motherhood are universal and so this is for you all.

Hope your day is “paws-itively” wonderful and “purr-fectly happy…thanks Mum.