Yes, it can be done!

People are often surprised to learn that rabbits are more than capable of learning how to use a litter tray.  Rabbits are naturally very clean and will instinctively use a designated place as a toilet, just like cats. 

The advantage of toilet training your rabbit is that you will be able to let it roam free around the house without worrying about accidents.

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Australia has created the world’s longest cat-proof fence.  It is an electric wire and netting fence in Central Australia and it is hoped that it will protect endangered native mammal species from translocating within the remote area.

Since 1788, thirty native mammals have disappeared in Australia and scientists believe this is primarily due to the hunting habits of foxes and feral cats.  Cats were introduced to Australia in the early 19th century and have had a devastating impact on ground-nesting birds and small mammals.

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Like humans, kittens and pups have baby teeth which are replaced with adult teeth from around 4-7 months.  Adult cats have 30 teeth whilst pups have 28 baby teeth and when mature have 42 permanent teeth.

Dogs often dream-Dogs experience similar stages of dreaming to humans including rapid eye movement (REM-this is the stage of dreaming that we remember). Twitches and paw movements are some of the signs of dreaming. Harvard experts suggest that dogs often dream about their owners.

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In the Veterinary world we use terminology that is familiar to us but sometimes when we explain conditions to clients and use these words they don’t fully understand.  This is unintentional but they are words we constantly use in conversation and on our patient histories. 

Some of the more common words may be:

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