Do you know how old your pet is, relative to you, or in “people” years?

Regardless of your pets age, you as an owner, play a key role in helping him combat illness and remain as healthy as possible.

Remember, your animal cannot describe symptoms to you, but he will show you signs of illness.

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A routine day in our Greensborough Veterinary Hospital.

A desexing being performed amongst other procedures for the day.

Can you name the Veterinarian in this photo?

He has seen many clients during consultations and works here at Greensborough and occasionally at our Rosanna Clinic.

The first correct email entry shall win an Episoothe Shampoo/Conditioner Pack valued at $120.

Email answers to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Winner shall be announced in the February newsletter.

A Puppy's Christmas

On the 11th day of Christmas my puppy gave to me: 

  • 11 unwrapped presents.
  • 10 cards I should have posted.
  • My wreath in 9 places.
  • 8 tiny reindeer fragments.
  • 7 scraps of paper.
  • 6 soggy ribbons.
  • 5 chewed-up stockings.
  • 4 broken candles.
  • 3 punctured ornaments.
  • 2 mangled puddings.
  • And the fairy off the Christmas tree.


Puppy xmas

On the twelth day of Christmas my puppy gave to me: A dozen puppy kisses and I forgot all about the the other days.


With holidays almost upon us, it is important to check if you will be travelling to a high-risk tick area and require tick prevention treatment.

The paralysis tick (Ixodes holocyclus) is a dangerous parasite that affects both humans and pets along the east coast of Australia. In humans, it causes a severe local skin irritation. In pets it can cause paralysis, vomiting, breathing difficulty and death.  The Eastern paralysis tick are travelling to Melbourne by hitching a ride on pets, people or belongings that have visited these infested areas.  Ticks are known as “deadly, blood-sucking critters” which is an ideal description.  They like to live in bushy, native terrain and long grass. 

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Yes, it can be done!

People are often surprised to learn that rabbits are more than capable of learning how to use a litter tray.  Rabbits are naturally very clean and will instinctively use a designated place as a toilet, just like cats. 

The advantage of toilet training your rabbit is that you will be able to let it roam free around the house without worrying about accidents.

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