Birds - Most Common Pets

In Australia, we assume that dogs and cats are the most popular pets in our homes. Surprisingly, there are estimated to be over 8 million pet birds in Australia, making them the most common household companions.

Despite how common they are, they’re often seen as a challenge in the Veterinary industry because of their unique anatomy, behaviour and amazing ability to hide injury and illness.


 One of our associates, Dr Kiara Simonis, has been working professionally with companion parrots for the past decade, focusing on health, husbandry and nutrition. She still volunteers at a raptor rehabilitation centre on her holidays and in her spare time, conducts parrot behaviour and training consultations. Her interest in avian medicine and surgery led her to undertake various placements that would help to give her fundamental clinical skills in these unique patients. Notably, she travelled to Hong Kong to spend time at an exotic animal specialist hospital, and then spent 3 weeks at the Australian Wildlife Health Centre at Healesville Sanctuary. Through these placements she gained experience in handling various avian species, physical examinations, diagnostics, clinical pathology, anaesthesia’s, and was even able to assist in various delicate surgeries.

Kiara is currently undertaking continued education in avian anaesthesia, analgesia, medicine and surgery to further broaden her skillset.

Since arriving at the Greensborough Veterinary Hospital, we have been able to widen the services that we provide to our avian patients including in depth consultations and physical examinations, bird grooming, diagnostics and treatment in an array of health concerns in our winged friends.  We are also able to perform basic procedures including microchipping of larger parrots under anaesthetic to make the experience as stress-free as possible.

If your avian friend is feeling under the weather or if you would like advice on husbandry and nutrition for your bird, make an appointment to see Kiara – she is available at Greensborough on a full-time basis.