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Haematuria Detection

Bloody and discolored urine is a common reason cat parents seek Veterinary help.  It’s incredibly upsetting to see drops of blood in a litterbox, on bedding or on the floor.  Sometimes you can’t see the blood until the urine is examined with a microscope or detected on urinalysis.  The two major causes of blood in in cat’s urine are cystitis and feline lower urinary tract disorder or FLUTD. 

Blood in the urine is called haematuria.  Haematuria can be identified by the presence of pink, red, brown or black urine. 

Cystitis is a general term referring to inflammation in the urinary bladder.  In cats, diseases of the lower urinary tract, the bladder and the urethra are often categorized by the term FLUTD. 

The typical symptoms of cystitis or FLUTD in cats are associated with inflammation and irritation of the lower urinary tract.  The common clinical signs are:     increased frequency of urination

  •                         Difficulty urinating
  •                         Presence of bloody, foul-smelling or discolored urine
  •                         Excessive grooming
  •                         Inability to urinate

Sometimes blood may be present in urine but not obvious to the eye. 

This is where a new product by Royal Canin is a great support tool.  “Blucare” is an at-home monitoring tool and diagnostic aid to support urinary heath.  They are litter granules with a reagent incorporated, making the granules turn from white to blue when blood is detected in urine.  If granules remain white, haematuria is not detected.  If the granules turn a bright blue, haematuria has been detected demonstrating presence of blood in the cat’s urine.  Veterinary attention is now required.  This product now allows for convenient, non-invasive, in-home detection, it is simple and easy to incorporate into their existing litter, the colour change occurs within seconds and the results remain visible for 48 hours. 

This product aids in detection and supports the management of urinary health in a stress-free environment.  It encourages owners to seek treatment early without wondering if there is a problem.

Bluecare can be purchased in individual sachets and supplements your current kitty-litter.  It is spread lightly over your current litter and only when you feel there may be an issue.