Many illnesses in pets can require long term administration of medication, including some very common medical conditions-

  • Seizure disorders (including Epilepsy)
  • Heart Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Thyroid Disease
  • Arthritis

In most cases long term medications does not cure disease but it controls the clinical signs or has other effects to make the disease more manageable. In some cases, medications can control the signs of chronic illness so completely that pet owners sometimes mistakenly believe their pet has been cured and discontinue medication only to see the clinical signs reappear.

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Pets can’t say how they’re feeling, it’s usually how they look or act that tells you something is wrong. Blood testing frequently detects illness in your dog or cat before they show any outward signs of disease.  Testing gives immediate insights that we might not otherwise discover and treating your pet early can lead to a better outcome and possible lower treatment costs. 

Blood work is necessary in sick animals or emergency situations.  It gives a valuable picture of your pet’s health and helps make immediate decisions regarding treatment options.

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What can we say – Mardi Gras is a real trooper.

Mardi is a 19-year-old, well-travelled puss we met at Post Entry Quarantine (PEQ) out at Mickleham.  Mardi started adding frequent flyer points to her pet passport back in 2019 when she made the long flight to Canada from Australia with her loving owners Scott & Corey. 

At 19 years of age, an incredible feat to start with, Mardi made the return trip back to Australia on the 2nd of August 2021 going straight into Quarantine (PEQ) out at Mickleham for 10 days. 

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In the Veterinary industry, there are many professional magazines.  After reading a bio on our website the “Vet Practice” magazine contacted our Eythan. Frank Leggett interviewed him to publish the article below.

 "Your Life for Vet Practice magazine":

He’s only just started beekeeping but Dr Eythan Walsh of Northern Suburbs Veterinary Hospital in Greensborough, VIC, has already harvested kilos of sweet honey.This is my first season as a beekeeper and I’ve only done one small collection of honey. Most hives have ten frames but I only harvested from three and ended up with six kilos of honey. Next spring I’ll do a full harvest and if I extrapolate from my first collection, I should end up with 60 or 70 kilos. Friends claim that my honey tastes much better than store bought but, in all honesty, I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do with all that honey. Maybe you’ll see Beethan Walsh Honey on shelves somewhere.

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It is believed cats have been domesticated for at least 5,000 years initially by the Egyptians.  During the early days of agriculture and farming cats were proven useful in keeping the rat population and other pests under control in the townships.  Over time the cats became idolised and were a protected species in Egypt.  They were worshipped as a god and when the pet cat died it was mummified and owners would shave their eyebrows off as a sign of mourning. 

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