Has your pet reacted negatively to a recent change in your routine at home? This could include renovations, moving, introduction of a new pet, arrival of a newborn, etc.

Does your pet increasingly chew, scratch or destroy things around the house? It can be because they are not coping with a new situation.

Do they vocalise i.e. bark, meow, whine, more than usual because something is bothering them?  

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In our last newsletter we ran a “Guess the Vet” competition.

Thank you to all those that took the time to reply.

The correct answer was - Dr.Scott Roberts. It did make Michael feel younger with some entries suggesting it may be him!

Being the first entries received, our winners are:

Natalie Boxall – the owner of Charlie, a 4y.o. Chocolate Labrador &

Ross & Ruth Dunn – the owners of Basil, a 10y.o. Silky Terrier.

Bath-time shall be a little easier for these families with the Epi-Soothe Shampoo & Conditioner packs they have won (RRP$120)…Congratulations.

 We are constantly making owners aware of the importance of preventative treatments for their animals. This includes intestinal worming, flea control and heartworm prevention.  We have written many articles on the efficacy of a product called Advocate, for dogs & cats that will provide this protection.

This month we are offering 2 prizes of a 6-month packet of Advocate

(RRP $120) for the first two clients to email the answer to the quiz question:

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Greensborough Veterinary Hospital was originally established 53 years ago.

During this time, we have obviously had many staff changes but the core group has remained quite stable.  We would like to acknowledge the longevity of some of our current staff.  These people make up 40% of our current employees.

Thank you for the commitment these experienced professionals have shown.

  • Mandy Carter          32 years
  • Nicole Green           29 years
  • Michael Doyle         27 years
  • Rachel McCue         18 years
  • Julie Kruger              17 years
  • Tricia Equid              13 years
  • Amanda Reynolds    10 years
  • Srdan Savic              10 years
  • Tracey Collins          8 years


Just like humans, dogs require topical therapies to keep their skin healthy and clean. The frequency of washes will depend on the condition of your dog’s skin, their level of activity and their environment.

Dogs that live inside and close to their owners may need more regular washes.  Dogs with skin disease might need very regular, even daily skin therapy, whose frequency can be reduced as their skin heals.

Before shampooing your dog, examine their skin for any signs of dry skin, hair loss, redness or itchiness.  If there is any evidence of this, you may need to change the shampoo you are using. 

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