Wednesday 25th April - ANZAC DAY

The Greensborough Veterinary Hospital shall be open for Urgent cases between 9am - 11am on ANZAC Day. 

The Rosanna Veterinary Clinic will be closed.

Routine hours shall resume on Thursday 26th April at both sites.

For Emergencies outside of these hours we recommend:

Animal Accident & Emergency Centre

72 Hargrave Ave Essendon Ph. 9379-0700


anzac animals

Over time, the feeding regime of animals has changed dramatically.  We are now better educated as to the nutritional requirements of our animals for a healthier, longer life.  Originally, we fed our animals as carnivores-meat eaters as their sole diet.  Advances in science have given us a better understanding of their requirements, leading to quality, professional dry dog food formula‚Äôs.

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The University of Queensland is set to help thoroughbred horse breeders combat a hairy caterpillar threat that causes horse abortions and is costing the Australian racing industry millions of dollars every year. 

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Osteoarthritis, OA for short, is a joint disease that affects people as well as dogs. OA can be as painful for our dogs as it is for us. In healthy joints, a slippery tissue called cartilage cushions the ends of the bones in the joints.  With OA, cartilage breaks down, causing pain and swelling.

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