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Desexing of cats and dogs is a fundamental service of Northern Suburbs Veterinary Hospital’s.

We strongly advise you sterilise your puppy between 5 and 12 months or your kitten between 5 and 6 months. Desexing will make him or her a better pet, and on average will increase their life span, because:

They will suffer few diseases (prostate disease, mammary cancer, uterine infections).
They will be less likely to roam.
Dogs will be less boisterous and Cats will have less fights (Remember that Feline Leukaemia and Feline Aids are spread through cat fights)

Desexing will not change your pets personality.

Sterilisation is generally a day surgery, and performed under a general anaesthetic. This requires your pet to fast overnight before bringing them in first thing in the morning. They will usually go home the same evening. All patients undergoing a general anaesthetic are placed on a heart rate, blood pressure, pulse oximetry and respiratory monitors. They are also placed on IV fluids to help them with a smooth recovery. Modern pain relief is provided during surgery and in most cases dispensed for the first days after surgery.

The surgery is performed in a separate sterile theatre suite. The Vets wear sterile gowns, gloves, hats and masks. We use individual sterile surgery packs, instruments and drapes for each procedure. During the surgery the nurses keep a detailed monitoring chart and they then carefully monitor them while they recover in the treatment area cages, where your pet is kept warm on heating mats.