⇒ Koalas have fingerprints so similar to those made by humans that they could confuse crime-scene investigators.

⇒ Ants never sleep.

⇒ 61-68% of Veterinarians will suffer an animal-related injury resulting in hospitalisation or significant loss of work during their career.

⇒ Dog training is the fastest growing pet service in Australia-declaring a 981% growth in business since December 2014.

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 Cassie Brass is a 14-year-old Blue Heeler belonging to Lucas of Diamond Creek.

We first met Cassie as a 12-week-old puppy for her vaccination and microchip.  Lucas is a tradesman who works locally, with his best mate with him on all jobs.  Many years ago, Lucas would drop in regularly and ask if we could give Cassie a quick bath after being on a jobsite.

Over the years Cassie has had a few surgical procedures.  In October 2013, Cassie ruptured her left anterior cruciate ligament.  Also known as the “footballers” injury, the recovery process after surgery is slow and takes commitment from the owner to monitor and restrict the patient.  With Lucas as the caregiver, she made a great recovery.  In February 2016, Cassie’s cruciate in her right hind leg ruptured.  This is not unusual for the other hind leg to rupture, but normally it is seen within 12 months, Cassie lasted 2 ½ years until the other side needed to be repaired.

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As you don green getups and toast to St. Patrick, take a minute to think of all the wonderful gifts that the Emerald Isle has given us.

Its native species includes the good-natured Connemara pony and the easy-going Galway sheep. And don’t forget the gorgeous Irish dog breeds we now love on this side of the pond, from the Irish Setter to the Glen of Imaal Terrier.

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Christmas is by far our favourite time of year. Whether you celebrate this holiday or another one, the magic that surrounds this time of year is infectious. Strangely enough, it is also our busiest time of year.  Working with animals always keeps you on your toes - you never know what to expect when you press the button to shoot that X-ray of the vomiting Labrador who eats everything without a second thought! 

This is a problem throughout the year with all different breeds, as there seems to be no rhyme or reason to what they will ingest. Christmas tree ornaments, batteries, bows/ribbon on presents, string/cooking twine and tinsel are probably the most commonly ingested items. As you can see from this X-ray this guy swallowed the Christmas decoration without chewing it. 

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With holidays almost upon us, it is important to check if you will be travelling to a high-risk tick area and require tick prevention treatment.

The paralysis tick (Ixodes holocyclus) is a dangerous parasite that affects both humans and pets along the east coast of Australia. In humans, it causes a severe local skin irritation. In pets it can cause paralysis, vomiting, breathing difficulty and death.

The Eastern paralysis tick are travelling to Melbourne by hitching a ride on pets, people or belongings that have visited these infested areas.  Ticks are known as “deadly, blood-sucking critters” which is an ideal description.  They like to live in bushy, native terrain and long grass. 

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