Spring has arrived.  Warm weather that brings fleas and mosquitos.  Time to check on your supply of preventative medications to keep your pet and the environment free from parasites.   Time for a walk with your buddy after work, maybe take your 4-legged friend to your next BBQ or play ball in the garden, then cuddling on the couch can be lots of fun.  These are all places that the dreaded flea can be lurking.  With the warmer months being a great breeding time for fleas, we need to remember that prevention is better than treatment.

Again, Bayer, the manufacturers of “Advocate” have a Spring offer to encourage responsible pet ownership.

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Life is just more fun when your dog is healthy. That’s why it is important to give our pets the best nutrition-based diets available.

As our pets age or develop a medical condition, it is important to provide as much support as possible through diet, sometimes in conjunction with medication. This helps you recapture a normal, vibrant, hopefully extended- life together.

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Feline dentalWe still have limited discount vouchers available for Hills T/D foods in the dog & cat range.

Educating owners on better oral care and to make you aware of options available for dental health is important for the breath of your pet and in retaining as many teeth as possible as your animal ages.

These pamphlets also offer 5 discount vouchers for future purchases.


Glyde products 3We regularly explain the effects of osteoarthritis, along with how to provide the best support for the condition to our animals. Many of our patients are on osteo-support in the form of daily Glyde chews in conjunction with their regular Zydax injections.  

In September, be prescribed a 4-week course of Zydax, and upon your 4th injection receive a tub of Glyde chews free (RRP$59).

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