While vouchers last, Hills T/D foods are available at a discount for the next 5 bag purchases.

Hills Feline T/D: Purchase any size bag - Receive 5 x $10 discount vouchers.

Hills Canine T/D: Purchase any size bag - Receive 5 x $20 discount vouchers.

One voucher redemption per purchase.


Across the Veterinary profession July & August are known as Dental months. This is to increase awareness of how prevalent dental disease is in our animals and how easily it can be remedied.  Every week we have dogs and cats coming in with smelly breath, sore mouths or just terrible teeth in general.  This can all be prevented or improved with some simple home care therapy.

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Hill’s Science Diet Professional range of foods is known as “Superior nutrition for the life of your pet”.  In an effort to make the best food possible, Hills use only high-quality ingredients including real chicken, lamb or salmon protein.  The dry foods boast quality protein as the first ingredient and provide clinically proven antioxidant benefits.  They contain no artificial colors, flavours preservatives or chicken by-product meal.  They are made with natural ingredients plus vitamins, minerals and amino acids. 

Hill’s pet nutritionists rigorously scrutinize every recipe to ensure you have the healthiest pet possible.

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As many of our Eukanuba clients are aware, with the change of ownership, Eukanuba is becoming more difficult to purchase. As an equal substitute we can offer Hills foods.  The ‘Advanced Fitness’ range is a maintenance food for everyday use. The same as we previously used Eukanuba. 

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“Good pet parenting starts with great nutrition”, that’s what Hills are promoting. The slogan for Science Diet is “Superior nutrition for the life of your pet”.  Owners are devoted to their new pets and so Hills have a website devoted to them too.  This site provides owners helpful advice including caring for your new puppy or kitten and choosing the right nutrition. 

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Like humans, kittens and pups have baby teeth which are replaced with adult teeth from around 4-7 months.  Adult cats have 30 teeth whilst pups have 28 baby teeth and when mature have 42 permanent teeth.