There are many preventative health products on the market, and it can become quite confusing.  Some cover multiple conditions and doses vary depending upon the product. 

Advocate is a topical treatment applied between the shoulder blades for the treatment and prevention of fleas, heartworm and intestinal worms. By treating fleas, you are reducing the incidence of flea allergy dermatitis and preventing heartworm infection. Advocate also provides treatment and control of roundworm, hookworms, whipworm, sarcoptic mange, ear mites and lice.

Fleas are still prevalent in the cooler weather due to heating in our homes. This is an ideal breeding environment, hence the need to use flea control for all animals in the family, all year round, to maintain a free flea environment.

While stocks last, we are able to offer pet microfibre towels.

Great for when you are out walking or for those “dribbly” family members.


NexGard Spectra delivers monthly protection from fleas, ticks, mites heartworm and intestinal worms in an easy to dose beef-flavoured chew.  It can be used in all dogs from 8-weeks of age and comes in different sizes according to the animal’s bodyweight.  It is particularly handy for large breed dogs as the XL size covers from 30-60kg.

NexGard Spectra 

  • protects against paralysis, bush & brown dog ticks
  • controls demodectic & sarcoptic mange
  • protects against heartworm disease
  • protects against round, hook & whipworm
  • breaks the flea cycle

During May, at our Greensborough & Rosanna Clinics, purchase any 6-pack of NexGard Spectra and receive bonus Tapeworm tablets and also a Kong Ultra Bouncer. These are great quality toys that shall entertain your children over an extended period.

While Stocks last.


For overweight dogs & cats Hills metabolic foods can give quality of life back by reducing obesity. 

Its ingredients activate your animal’s metabolism to regulate appetite and burn fat.  Metabolic’s ability to alter metabolism causes detrimental genes to be turned off and beneficial ones to be turned on. 

During May, we have $20 x2, discount vouchers available on all Hills Metabolic foods greater than 2kg.  While stocks last.


During September:

Purchase a 3-month packet and receive a bonus 1 month = 4 months

Purchase a 6-month packet and receive a bonus 2 months doses = 8 months

This offer is for cats only and while stocks last.