There are many preventative health products on the market, and it can become quite confusing.  Some cover multiple conditions and doses vary depending upon the product. 

Advocate is a topical treatment applied between the shoulder blades for the treatment and prevention of fleas, heartworm and intestinal worms. By treating fleas, you are reducing the incidence of flea allergy dermatitis and preventing heartworm infection. Advocate also provides treatment and control of roundworm, hookworms, whipworm, sarcoptic mange, ear mites and lice.

For the month of December at the Greensborough and Rosanna Veterinary Clinics we can offer a $25 discount on all 6-month packs of Advocate. 

This reduces the cost of Advocate 6-month packet sizes to:

Cats <4kg            $72            Cats >4kg            $77

Dogs 4-10kg        $100          Dogs 10-25kg     $110

Dogs >25kg         $122

Fleas are still prevalent in the cooler weather due to heating in our homes. This is an ideal breeding environment, hence the need to use flea control for all animals in the family, all year round, to maintain a free flea environment.

Don’t forget we also run an Advocate loyalty card all year round. Purchase 12 months of the same size Advocate from us, over any period and receive a 3-month bonus pack.

During September:

Purchase a 3-month packet and receive a bonus 1 month = 4 months

Purchase a 6-month packet and receive a bonus 2 months doses = 8 months

This offer is for cats only and while stocks last.



On the twelfth day of Christmas

My true love gave to me…

  • Twelve Dalmatians Drumming
  • Eleven Spaniels Sleeping
  • Ten Magnificent Mutts
  • Nine Poodles Prancing
  • Eight Rottweilers Ringing
  • Seven Labs a Leaping
  • Six German Shepherds
  • Five Golden Retrievers
  • Four Beagles Begging
  • Three Dachshunds Dashing
  • Two Terriers Toasting
  • And a Pomeranian in a Pear Tree.

Merry Christmas in a year like no other,

From our team to your family,

Thank you for your business, friendship and trust throughout the year.

Enjoy your valuable time with family and friends during the festive season.

We wish you and your treasured four-legged family a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and safe 2021.

With holidays almost upon us, it is important to check if you will be travelling to a high-risk tick area and require tick prevention treatment.

The paralysis tick (Ixodes holocyclus) is a dangerous parasite that affects both humans and pets along the east coast of Australia. In humans, it causes a severe local skin irritation. In pets it can cause paralysis, vomiting, breathing difficulty and death.

The Eastern paralysis tick are travelling to Melbourne by hitching a ride on pets, people or belongings that have visited these infested areas.  Ticks are known as “deadly, blood-sucking critters” which is an ideal description.  They like to live in bushy, native terrain and long grass. 

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Does your pet have the Summer itch?

With the warmer weather, our pet’s coats are changing.  They may be shedding an incredible amount of hair, leaving their trail through the home and on the furniture. 

How would you like a Vax Blade Pet Pro Cordless Handstick Vacuum to make cleaning easier.

Clients that purchase anything from the Hills Prescription Skin food range, will go in the draw to win the Vax Handstick.

This range includes Hills Z/D, D/D and Derm Defence for dogs or cats in wet or dry foods.

This competition will run until Christmas Eve, with the winner announced on our Facebook page in January.