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Lilly Toxicity

We do not realise that some of the simplest things in our everyday world can be such a hazard to our pets. Lilies are plants which are commonly included in many ornamental arrangements and are a popular choice particularly at this time of year in our homes, but they can cause disastrous problems if ingested by our cats. 

Lilies of the genera Lilium including Easter, Oriental, Hybrid, tiger and Stargazer cause nephrotoxicity in cats. This means that the toxin from the plant affects the kidney function. All parts of the lily are toxic including the pollen and leaves although the concentration is higher in the flowers. As little as two leaves or part of a single flower have resulted in death.

Clinical signs of poisoning may include vomiting, salivation, anorexia and depression. Acute renal failure can occur within 12-18 hours of ingestion and sudden death has been reported in after 6-8 hours depending on the amounts consumed. Generally though, if treatment and therapy commence within 18 hours of exposure the prognosis is good.

This is another handy hint to be aware of in our homes over the Summer period. If you have any concerns please contact our clinic and speak to one of our Veterinarians.

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