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Lorraine Antonello

Back in March 2019, a new face appeared at our Rosanna Clinic.  Lorraine Antonello comes with vast Veterinary nursing experience dating back to 1992.  She has always worked in private, suburban practices within Melbourne and attained her nursing qualifications in 1993.  She shows commitment to her clinics, by the longevity she has given these roles at local practices over the past 28 years.  That is great nursing experience and credentials she holds.

At Rosanna, Lorraine is a multi-tasker. She is receptionist of a morning and evening, able to give nutritional and parasite prevention advice and then during the afternoon, takes on a nursing role with surgical procedures.

Lorraine’s home life is also quite busy.  Her paw-family is made up of Burger the 2-year-old Mastiff X, Sniffa the 8-year-old Bloodhound and the cats called Coburg & Preston - no need to guess what areas they were adopted from as strays! 

Lorraine has grown up and was educated as a child in this area, so she is quite familiar with the local animal parks and welfare opportunities in the area.  Whether this is for dogs, cats or even wildlife.  Her main hobby is as a current instructor for the Northcote Obedience Dog Club.  With her nursing and obedience background, particularly with large breed dogs, Lorraine has so much to share and enjoys educating owners regarding responsible pet ownership. Many times, our Rosanna clients have been surprised to also see Lorraine in clinic, initially meeting as their dog trainer.  She also enjoys horse riding and animal sitting.

Rachel and Lorraine have built a great partnership at our Rosanna clinic. They both have the same objective and treat clients and their pets as if they are all one large family. 

Lorraine is at our Rosanna Clinic on a permanent basis 3-4 days per week, on what we hope will be a long-lasting role.  She is always available to answer any client enquiries or help as required.




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