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Kristin Hocking

Heard of the quiet achiever? Kirstin is that girl.  Kristin is a trainee nurse that began with us in December 2018. She is the most likeable, eager to please, nice lady with a great work ethic.  Kristin has previously achieved a Bachelor Degree in Health Science which led her to her first position at the Austin Hospital.  After a short while she decided this was not her ideal role and she re-evaluated.

 In her spare time Kristin is a gun basketballer.  Her height obviously helps this, but she enjoys the team work and friendships she has gained, and winning premierships is the added bonus.  This athleticism has rolled over to her being a regular participant in the “Relay for Life” 24-hour run, which is a fundraiser for the Cancer Council.  After the exhaustion of this active lifestyle kicks in, Kristin is an avid reader.  Whether it is books, or newspapers, she loves gaining knowledge through reading and finds it relaxing. 

Kristin’s love of animals finally led her towards Veterinary Nursing. Beginning her role with us has allowed her to meet the pre-requisite for the nursing course.  She has almost finished her first semester and is enjoying comparing protocols with other nurses in her class including the different way things in clinics can be done to achieve a similar result.

At home Kristin’s family share Missy the 13 year old Maltese X.  Obviously, life isn’t too bad when everyone is catering to the elder in family!

Kristin is a delight to have in the practice.  Not once have we heard a negative or a moan from her, she attacks every task methodically and is flexible with rostering.  She is gradually becoming an integral part of our nursing team and learning at a rapid rate.  Hopefully Kristin has many years ahead as part of the Northern Suburbs Veterinary team.

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