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Dr Alannah Fitzgerald

Alannah Fitzgerald graduated as a DVM in December 2020 from Melbourne University.  Being a COVID year, there was no opportunity to do placements within general practice. To compensate for this learning, extra desexing clinical rotations were provided within the Werribee animal facility.  This has obviously worked as Alannah presents as a knowledgeable, organised, clear thinking graduate.

Alannah originally hailed from Brisbane where she studied Applied Science followed by Bioscience leading her to Veterinary Medicine.  During this time, she spent 7 years as a Veterinary Laboratory Scientist at Idexx which by coincidence, is the same Lab we use for patient samples. 

Alannah shares her Melbourne home with Luna and Belly, her tame cockatiels.  Belly was adopted from an abusive home but has now settled well with his new buddy.  This adoption came about after a work placement at a bird boarding facility, which sparked Alannah’s avian interest.

There is no spare time to be had at Alannah’s home as her hobbies are varied.  In the cooler months, she enjoys sewing clothing and toys for her nieces and in summer loves beach swimming.  Her latest interests, now that she has settled locally, are pottery, in particular, pinch pots and online Pilates.  After a hike, she likes to show her talents with a picnic by perfecting her cheese board platters. Makes us mere mortals tired.

Alannah will be making many trips back to Queensland for family functions but after 4 years studying in Melbourne, this is now home.  She has transitioned seamlessly from study to full time work and is a delight within practice as stress is not in her vocabulary.  She is a patient, animal loving person who is a great communicator.  This is shown in her explanations of medical conditions to owners.

Alannah is available at Greensborough on a full-time basis.