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Dr Loriana Cassarino

Dr.Lori Cassarino joined our Greensborough team in February 2015 as a new graduate from Melbourne University.  Professionally, she developed to an amazing Veterinarian during this time and was a delight to work with.  As with all new graduates, there comes a time when they need to leave the nest of comfort and venture into the large professional world, to extend their abilities.  After 4 years at Greensborough, Lori decided to move to a clinic closer to home.  In a smaller practice, this put more responsibility on her and encouraged her professional development. 

 We are very protective of Lori and were in constant contact with her whilst she was working elsewhere, checking to see if she was ready to ‘come back home’.

Eventually, in February 2021, Lori decided to come back to us.  She has returned with more experience and confidence but is still the same empathetic, caring Veterinarian and work colleague she originally was.  In her spare time Lori enjoys most types of sports. She takes to the netball court a few times a week, enjoys a hit of tennis and at Uni participated in netball, softball and football.  Unfortunately, she is an avid Carlton supporter.  Lori shares her home with Bettsy, the 4-year-old black Labrador.  Bettsy is a small-framed Lab, which is perfect for the lifestyle they both lead.  She is in the car regularly, visiting family or driving to a different dog friendly area.  Her manners are impeccable and is a regular social visitor to our clinic.

Lori is a down to earth person who is easy to communicate with.  This has created a large client base following. her, as she explains medical conditions in layman’s terms and there is never a silly question.

It is great to have Lori back as an important part of our team, she is available at Greensborough on a full-time basis.