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Hills T/D - $20 discount vouchers.

Dental care is a key part of your animal’s everyday health and vitality.  Aside from saving your pet the pain and discomfort of poor hygiene, dental health is related to a chain of reactions that affect their overall health.

This chain of events starts with plaque building up on teeth, bacteria in the plaque leads to gum inflammation (gingivitis), the inflamed gums allow bacteria to enter the bloodstream, once in the bloodstream, bacteria travel throughout the body where they can negatively impact vital organs like the heart, liver and kidneys.

Using a dental diet as a maintenance food, can help to maintain healthy teeth and gums.  This can be done by using Hills T/D food.

Once again, we have limited $20 discount vouchers available for Hills T/D foods in the dog & cat range, in all size bags.

These pamphlets offer 3 discount vouchers for future purchases.