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Bathing Your Pets

Just like humans, dogs require topical therapies to keep their skin healthy and clean. The frequency of washes will depend on the condition of your dog’s skin, their level of activity and their environment.

Dogs that live inside and close to their owners may need more regular washes.  Dogs with skin disease might need very regular, even daily skin therapy, whose frequency can be reduced as their skin heals.

Before shampooing your dog, examine their skin for any signs of dry skin, hair loss, redness or itchiness.  If there is any evidence of this, you may need to change the shampoo you are using. 

Check the areas around the top of the tail and back of the neck for signs of fleas.  Pay special attention to your dog’s feet checking between pads and the toes for matted hair, sore skin or objects gathering, such as stones or splinters.

Ideally it is best to bath in a warm, quiet environment so that your dog doesn’t become agitated.  Use a quality shampoo, preferably the same pH as your dog’s skin, such as Episoothe SIS shampoo. Gently massage the shampoo into the coat and skin to produce a good lather.  Take care around the face to avoid eyes, nose, mouth and ears. Leave the shampoo on the dog for 5-10 minutes as this gives the active ingredients in the shampoo time to start working on the skin. During this time, you can occupy the dog by playing, training or feeding.  After shampooing is it a good idea to use a conditioner, especially in long-coated or itchy skin dogs.

As with many human products, people shampoos are not recommended for use in animals. The pH levels are so different and can cause more irritation.  It is important to use a quality animal shampoo for the individuals skin type.

For our grooming clients we use and recommend Episoothe SIS shampoo and conditioner.  This is a soothing, moisturising oatmeal shampoo.  It reinforces the skin barrier and stimulates the skin defence barrier.  It is recommended for normal, itchy or dry skin. With this type of quality product only a small quantity is required each bath time.  With the Virbac brand range of shampoos, a 10-cent piece amount of shampoo in the palm of your hand should be adequate for a 10kg dog.  It is so easy to over-use these quality products.

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