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Car Safety

Just like you, your dog’s safety is compromised when not wearing a seat belt in the car.  Unrestrained dogs can be distracting which can cause accidents.

Rules introduced in Australia in 2013 prohibit a pet being in the driver’s area of a vehicle for this reason.

RSPCA statistics reveal about 5000 dogs each year are injured or killed in Australia as a result of falling from a moving vehicle.  However, never attach a car restraint to your dog’s collar as too much sudden pressure on the neck can be dangerous.

There are a large range of options available to restrain dogs comfortably and safely during travel.  A safe option is to use a car harness that secures your dog by linking to the seat belt.  However, do not allow your dog to travel on the front passenger seat if your car is fitted with air bags as this could be fatal if they are activated.  Dogs can travel in the open cargo area of a wagon behind a cargo barrier or in a travel crate.  It is also essential to ensure there is enough ventilation and airflow. 

VicRoads state that a driver cannot operate a vehicle:

  • with an animal on your lap
  • while you or a passenger is leading an animal
  • while an animal is tied to the vehicle.

Take the time to ensure your pets are safely secured next time you travel for their safety and your own.

Our nurses are more than happy with fitting a restraint and explaining how they work.