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Cat Ownership


  • In Australia there are 9.2 million households.
  • 5.7 million of these homes have a pet.
  • 29% of these Australian homes have a cat.
  • That means 2.7 million homes have a cat
  • That averages 1.4 cats per cat home.
  • For every 100 people there are 16 cats
  • 76% of these are mixed breeds, while the remaining 24% are pure bred.
  • 25% of these are acquired through animal shelters
  • 19% from friends or neighbours
  • 15% say their cats were strays
  • 13% from breeders
  • 10% from pet shops
  • Estimated average price paid for a cat $274
  • 59% are housed indoors and outdoors
  • 34% exclusively indoors
  • 7% exclusively outdoors
  • A recent pet ownership report confirmed that cats receive less veterinary treatment than dogs,
  • 80% of dogs are examined by a vet at least annually
  • 65% of cats are examined annually

It’s easy to forget your other best friend as they don’t display pain as obviously and prefer to hide away, whereas a dog shall whimper for attention.

As an owner if you feel something is not normal with your cat, you are probably correct.  Seek treatment to avoid your cat going through unnecessary discomfort.