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Ernie the Keeshond

We would like to introduce you to Ernie, who belongs to Jill Whincup, a long-time loyal client at Greensborough.

Ernie is a pedigree Keeshond who comes from a long line of top winning Keeshonden, not only from Australia but from around the world. From his first day in the show ring Ernie was destined to be a great success.  He showed the poise and charm, along with great genetics to stand out amongst his peers in the judging ring.

Ernie has a pedigree name that he must use to enter dog shows, Australian Grand Champion Hunkeedori Mister Party Man, but answers to Ernie on any day. His pedigree name and microchip distinguish Ernie form all other Keeshonds and dogs in general, around Australia and the world … it is his unique name, just like yours and mine.

Ernie is four years old and has sired (fathered) two litters to date. From his first litter, who are 20 months old, daughter Presto (Hunkeedori Ta Daaaaaaahhhhhhh) is an Australian Champion and well on the way to being a Grand Champion just like dad. His son, Hunkeedori Heeerrreees Jonnie, has recently become an Australian Supreme Champion.  This is the highest accolade a dog may achieve in Australia. Ernie’s second litter is only 8 weeks old, they will soon be seen in show rings around Melbourne.  Ernie will soon be a Supreme Champion himself. He only needs a few higher achieving wins like his father from England, his son from Sydney and his first-mating wife from USA. Ernie has won many ‘Best in Shows’ and is a very consistent “Best of the Breed Keeshond” here in Melbourne. He has won under Australian and international judges that have adjudicated across Australia.

So, what is a Keeshond?  The Keeshond is a Dutch breed of dog known for being a wonderful companion to their owners and keen watch dog.  They have a high-pitched bark to alert their owners of any dangers or possible issues when they are guarding their owners or their home.  Originally bred to be the lookout on the barges/boats in Holland, Keeshonds make great family pets as they absolutely adore their owners.  The Keeshond is a breed requiring grooming with their beautiful large coats, often described as the wolf grey of a Siberian Husky, with the coat of a Samoyed but just a little bit smaller. Keeshonds love the caressing nature of owners and repay them by constantly wanting to be with their family and be patted and cuddled.  They are also active and will love to go running with you but then also hold your paw through a soppy romantic movie too. They are truly your best friend!

Ernie lives here in Greensborough and his biggest passion and love of life, is getting a pat from his adorning fans of all ages. You may get to meet Ernie on one of your visits to Greensborough.  He is a gentleman that is great to work with and also a good lookin’ fella.  Congratulations should also go to Jill Whincup for breeding dogs with exceptional natures.  Being a Grand Champion is amazing, but the Whincup family of dogs should be given credit, as they are easy to work with and show no aggression, perfectly natured family pets.