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Euthanasia - Home Visits

Deciding when is the right time to put our beloved pet’s “to sleep” is the most agonising decision we can make for them.  The decision needs to be made according to the “quality of life” the pet is experiencing.  There are many reasons this can be based upon:

  • medication can no longer effectively control pain management
  • pet has poor prognosis
  • they have decreased mobility

Sometimes the bond between owner and pet will tell you when the time is right.

We understand the grief process that families experience at this emotional time.

Some families may feel some of this anxiety can be alleviated by saying good-bye to their pet in their own home.  For this reason, we offer euthanasia at home.  The stress of a clinic visit to the owner and pet can heighten the anxiety levels for both.  A home visit can also alleviate more pain for debilitated animals by not having to move them for a car ride to the clinic. The home is also a familiar, more comfortable environment for the family and pet to say their last good-bye’s. It allows the family to grieve together and support each other at the most difficult time.

When euthanasing your pet, a decision needs to be made if any of the family wish to be present. It is a personal decision.  Also, a plan for afterwards.  Would you like your family member privately cremated and returned to you, cremated and spread at the pet cemetery or would you prefer burial, either at home or communal through the practice.  These are all personal decisions and there is no right or wrong choice, only a loving choice.

When you have made the decision on home euthanasia, call us for an appointment. This service is available Monday to Friday between noon and 4pm.