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Happy Feet - Budgies


Very often, the quiet, immobile members of the family can be forgotten. Their cage may in the sunny corner of the room and we overlook giving them a treat or noticing a change in their health. Hopefully this may make some of us more aware.

Budgies and other caged birds can suffer from the comically named condition Bumblefoot.  This disease is no laughing matter for the bird concerned and results in swollen, painful feet.

Bumblefoot is caused by bacteria entering the bird’s foot through damaged tissue.  Birds kept in cages where the perches are all the same diameter are at an increased risk of this condition because of the constant pressure and wear on one particular area of their foot.

Using perches with differing widths and textures will vary the point of contact with the foot and help prevent pressure areas.  A tree branch from a non-toxic species is ideal.  Do not use sandpaper on perches as this is too harsh and pieces of dowel are no advantage as they are too smooth. Hopefully this small bit of advice will help keep those feet happy.