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Happy Retirement - Tricia Equid

After 17 years of delegating from our front desk, our receptionist has decided it is time to retire.

Tricia Equid began with us in 2005.  At that time, she would drop her children at school on the way in, organise the family sporting and meals schedule and attend to broken bones-which there were a lot of, with 3 boys.  Over the years we have seen her family dynamics change, she became a support person for her parents, her children became adults and now the world centres around 3 grandsons.

The main thing we notice about Tricia is she’s “unflustered”.  No matter what happens in our day she takes it in her stride.  We can be manically busy, low on staff, phones chaotic, but Tricia still plods along unphased.  She gives the same standard of service to everyone, is not rushed and has time to take a genuine interest in her work colleagues.

 As a part-timer, Tricia always has stories to share regarding her social life.  She loves to travel and can mention a bar in any part of the world. When she is found in a local café, she says she’s “walking the dog” …. sure, it’s really socialising.

The heckling and banter that Tricia provides us with, is quite entertaining, it brings a laugh to our day, or we just shake our head at her.  Along with this she brings a high level of professionalism and huge veterinary support knowledge. Over the years Tricia has played a mothering/therapist role to our new staff, she is comforting but gives direction when required. 

Tricia has slowly been winding down with us, life has taken over.  We shall miss her views on the current news, the latest TV show updates and the banter she brings, while being able to laugh at herself.

We commend her for her contribution to the Greensborough Veterinary Hospital over the last 17 years and are so appreciative.  It literally feels like a short time ago she came into our team.  We wish her a healthy retirement, filled with more grandchildren, holidays and socialising.  It is well deserved but her personality and knowledge will be missed. That reception chair will be difficult to fill, but we wish Tricia & Glen all the best.