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Hot Weather Safety Tips

 Summer brings with it the heatwaves that we need to cope with.  When it’s especially hot outside, we change our habits to acclimatise to the weather, how about your pets?

Keep Pets Indoors - We all know it’s dangerous to have your pets in the sweltering heat of Summer.  Cars heat up quickly so plan to leave your fur-babies at home in the cooler temperatures whilst you are out.  When they go outside be sure to have them on a lead, as it is easy for dogs to become disorientated in hotter temperatures. 

 Keep Your Pet Hydrated- This seems to be logical, but often you can lose track of time or how long you are outside.  Remember your dog is wearing a fur coat and their body temperatures are naturally higher than humans. 

Signs of Overheating – You know your dog, so you most likely will know when they are close to overheating. They can suffer from heat exhaustion, heat stroke and sudden cardiac arrest due to high temperatures.  The signs of an overheated dog may be collapsing, panting too fast, noisy breathing and disorientation.  If you suspect your dog of overheating, hydrate them as soon as possible, use cool, wet towels to lower their body temperature and if you feel they are in the danger zone of being overheated contact our clinic immediately.

Paws on Hot Pavement – On an average summer day, asphalt can get as hot as 60 degrees Celsius.  You most likely have shoes on when walking on it, but your dog is using his paws and they can get burned.  The easiest solution is to walk your dog when it’s cooler, however if you are walking you can protect their paws by using a protection wax or petroleum jelly will help give slight protection.  Always walk on the grass when it is available & let your dog go for a swim when water is available.  Once home, dry your dog’s feet as this will help keep them moisturized. 

Arthritis – Just as in humans, hot weather can make joints swell and ache more, thus making the signs of arthritis more apparent. 

No matter what you do, keep you and your pets safe in the hot temperatures.