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Iams Cat Relaunch

Iams Dry Cat Food has been fully transformed.

It is now Australian made.  This means you receive a fresher product at a more competitive price, but also maintaining the same quality product that we are used to. The new Iams cat food range is more simplistic for everyone to understand and comes in a variety of bag sizes.

Iams has developed their dry foods on an animal-protein based diet to suit your cat’s needs.  They have tailored formulas by life-stages to meet their changing needs as they mature, so that Iams can be a life-long diet.

The new range offers new bag sizes and new flavours.

The range includes: Kitten formula, Adult in chicken or ocean fish varieties, Indoor Weight & Hairball Care and a Senior 7+ with chicken. A 3kg bag in all these varieties is $29.95.  This means a 4kg cat can be fed a diet specific to its need for 41 cents per day. When feeding at the recommended guide a3kg bag will last 72 days.  Quality food at a great price.

All our staff are trained to offer you a food best suited to your animal’s needs, so come in at any time and ask for advice.