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Puppy Socialisation during COVID 19

Because of the limited movement and social distancing of people during the COVID 19 lockdown, owners will have to be more inventive with their puppy socialisation, particularly if there are no children around.

Brown puppy chewing on a toy

Lots of play activity, try wearing different outfits around the house, hats, sunglasses, noises & toys.  Take the puppy for a walk in trolley or pram around the park or block to see different environments, people running past, children from a distance & cars.

Bunnings do let dogs in store so take a blanket to put it in a shopping trolley and walk around the store for a limited time and only if safe to do so.


  • Barriers - climbing over pool noodles or low cushions.
  • Explore new crackly surface - tarpaulin sprinkled with treats.
  • Wheel barrow - bring it out and walk around.
  • Bring out vacuum cleaner and move around with it turned off.
  • Walk a bike past and then if pup ok, ride it past.
  • Dry your hair with a hairdryer and puppy in the same room.

Just as important is for your puppy to learn how to be without people.  Go for some walks leaving your pup at home.  Give your pup time outside or in another room by themselves, increasing the duration each time.

pup asleep