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Another happy ending story, proving that, once again, microchipping your pets helps to ensure you can be reunited with them if they go missing.

Rosa Sheppard, a two-year-old miniature Fox Terrier, disappeared four months ago while the family were on holiday in South Australia.   They spent four days looking for Rosa in a small, remote town but they could not find their precious girl.  It was time to continue their journey.

Without hearing anything over the next 4 months, Rosa’s owner Margie received a phone call from the local council.  Rosa had been handed into council 40km from where they had last seen her.  Up to date microchip details meant that upon scanning Rosa, the unique 14-digit microchip number was connected to the family’s details and they were re-united quickly.

Rosa has lost some weight during her ordeal and is also a little greyer, but is settling back into her home and is eating extremely well. 

This shows the importance of having all your animals microchipped and keeping the database up to date with your personal details, should you have a change of address or contact phone numbers.  This is especially important when pups are purchased but the microchips are registered in the breeder’s name.  Transfer of ownership is quite simple by completing the relevant paperwork.