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Revolution Cat

It has been a cold Winter that we have all been isolating in.  This has led to the heating being on more often in our homes, our pets inside more often, providing the perfect breeding environment for fleas.

Did you know for every 5 fleas on your animal there are another 95 fleas in your home? 

 If your animals are inside, even occasionally, your carpets, lounge suites, beds and the entire environment of the animal could be infested with flea eggs and larvae.  These are the seeds of future re-infestation. To effectively solve the flea problem, it is wise to use a product that treats both visible and hidden stages of the flea lifecycle.  Revolution is a multi-purpose product. It kills flea larvae, eggs and adult fleas, treats and controls ear mites, protects against heartworm and controls round and hook intestinal worms. 

Fleas are a year-round problem for our beloved pet’s, but the risk of infestations heightens in the Spring and Summer months.  Aside from itching and scratching they can lead to conditions such as flea allergy dermatitis – an allergic skin disease that not only causes immense itchiness but can lead to secondary bacterial infections requiring a visit to us for antibiotic treatment. But all of this can be easily prevented.

Revolution Pic 2020

Revolution is a topical treatment, or spot-on, given monthly and applied at the back of the neck with no restrictions to their daily routine upon application.  So, the family is safe to play with the pet immediately and it is waterproof within two hours, so swimming is not a problem either. Revolution is suitable for dogs and cats.