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Situations That Make Your Pet Uneasy

Has your pet reacted negatively to a recent change in your routine at home? This could include renovations, moving, introduction of a new pet, arrival of a newborn, etc.

Does your pet increasingly chew, scratch or destroy things around the house? It can be because they are not coping with a new situation.

Do they vocalise i.e. bark, meow, whine, more than usual because something is bothering them?  

Has your previously housetrained pet started having “accidents” in the house because they are feeling uneasy?

Have they been exhibiting unusual behaviour – i.e. changes in mood, sleeping habits, appetite or more clingy than usual?

The transition through change can be made easier with a new product available.  Zylkene is a natural product derived from casein, which is a protein in milk.  It is a molecule well known to promote the relaxation of newborns after breastfeeding.  Zylkene can be a valuable support for pets and owners either short or long-term when trying behaviour modification. It does help when adapting to new environments or situations.  Zylkene is given orally once daily in a capsule form. It can be given whole or opened to spread the powder over a meal or treat.  The beauty of this product it that it is present within the pet wherever it goes that day.  Whether the pet is inside or outside the dose continues to be effective. This is opposed to other behaviour modification tools, that may only give off pheromones in that particular room of a home.

With many behaviour modification medications, they vary depending upon the individual.  Being a new product on the market, we are making owners aware of their options, so that they make a fully informed decision upon the treatment of their family pets.

Never hesitate to ask for our advice on any of these types of products.