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Tracey Collins

One of the first faces you meet upon entering the Greensborough Veterinary Hospital is Tracey Collins, our receptionist.

Tracey joined our team in August 2010.  She came to us with a wealth of experience in office and reception management.  We put this ability to the test during our busy periods.  We find that Tracey has the skills to ensure our waiting area is running smoothly by ensuring consultations are on time, directing phone calls and keeping all staff up to date with client communications, all done politely with her quiet demeanour.  Through staff training Tracey has a sound knowledge on heartworm and flea prevention along with dietary/food advice. Tracey is responsible for the maintenance of our professional food range and keeping up to date with the availability of prescription diets. 

If ever your animal came in as a stray to the clinic, you would like Tracey searching for you, as the owner.  She has the best understanding of the microchip pet registry and will not give up until she has reunited owners with their pets.

At home, Tracey has a soft spot for Staffordshire Bull Terriers.  She is often rehabilitating staffies that have come through welfare organisations or been surrendered.  When not cleaning up after all of these dogs, her own and rescues, Tracey is besotted with her 3 grandchildren. We agree, she looks too young to be a “grannie”!  She is hands on with the grandchildren either at swimming lessons, playing dress ups or babysitting. When not looking after everyone else, two or four legged, Tracey loves going to the cinema to keep up with the latest movies and has been known to be a great shopper.

After 8 years with us, Tracey now recognises many clients by name and that familiarity puts owners as ease. She is a reliable, knowledgeable asset to our practice. Tracey is available most weekdays and Saturday’s for help or advice with food, merchandising and preventative products or just to say hello.