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Dog Stats

Dogs often dream-Dogs experience similar stages of dreaming to humans including rapid eye movement (REM-this is the stage of dreaming that we remember). Twitches and paw movements are some of the signs of dreaming. Harvard experts suggest that dogs often dream about their owners.

  1.  Some dogs have the ability to learn a similar amount of words as a two-year old child.  Topping the intelligence category are Border Collies who can understand up to 200 words, followed by Poodles, Retrievers and Dobermanns.
  2. A dog’s sense of smell is 10,000 times better than ours.
  3. A wagging tail is the most recognisable form of communication, but it isn’t always positive.  A wagging tail to the right can mean they are happy, wagging to the left means frightened.  If they raise their tail it may mean they are anxious.
  4. Dogs sometimes share our emotions -getting stressed or upset when their owners do.  They can feel a range of emotions from optimism and pessimism to depression and jealousy.
  5. It’s an old myth that dogs see in black and white. Although they see differently to humans, they are still able to detect strains of yellow and blue and are only red-green colour-blind.
  6. Dogs’ paws can be smelly, but with good reason-their sweat glands are located on the pads of their paws.
  7. Dogs’ closest living relatives are wolves. 
  8. A dog’s nose print is as unique in identifying them as our fingerprint is to us.
  9. Dogs align themselves with the earth’s magnetic field before defecating.  They prefer to face either north or south before doing their business.