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Asha the Leonberger

Asha belongs to the De Run family of Bundoora and is a huge bundle of energy and with two young boys in the family, the three of them never seem to run out of steam.

Dr.Rachel McCue has been seeing Asha at Greensborough for her puppy vaccinations and recently speyed her. This was no light or small job with Asha weighing in at 36kg at 6 months of age. Asha is a Leonberger. This is not a commonly seen breed for our area. They are known as a giant breed, with a heavy double coat, normally tan colour with a black mask. Their lifespan is approximately 8-9 years with mature females weighing around 52kg and males averaging 77kg. These massive dogs tend to have a good temperament if entertained enough and given attention. They tend to be adaptable with a fearless, loving nature. The name derives from the city of Leonberg in Germany. According to legend the Leonberger was bred as a “symbolic dog” that would mimic the lion in the town crest. Hence this is due to the colour and heavy coat.

While here for her surgery visit, our staff quickly took a liking to Asha. She was bounding with energy, even though she had been fasted for her procedure and was fun natured. She saw other animals as an opportunity to play, luckily she was restrained and all we saw was positives from her. Asha also attended our puppy school in the clinic, being a talking point and very social with the smaller pupils!

Our next visit from Asha will be to have her spey sutures removed and hopefully with a healthy year ahead, just for her routine vaccinations, heartworm tablets and her large breed puppy food. Well done to the De Run family for having a happy, healthy, disciplined when not excited, fun loving new family member.